Alvaro Nunez Alfaro Speaks on the Future of Real Estate

Miami seems to always be at the forefront of growth and innovation. The emergence of NFTs and cryptocurrency has been no exception. As a city, it is investing in its own virtual currency in the future, MiamiCoin. This opens an endless market of possibilities for brokers, investors, and the many people who will undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity to drastically accelerate their real estate values. It’s the perfect setting for the future of financial markets, especially luxury real estate and trading with virtual currency. Recently, it hosted the Miami NFT Week, an event that brought successful panels with real estate entrepreneurs like Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, Daniel de la Vega, and Grant Cardone as well as other NFT innovators like Erik LaPlagia on stage to share their knowledge on the emerging blockchain technology.

Based in Miami, Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro is at the forefront of a changing economy in Real Estate. With the two massive markets growing so quickly, Nuñez took the opportunity to place himself at the intersection of that growth. “We focused on creating a unique and innovative service that would unite them.” Those two worlds became one at the Super Luxury Group, where he and his team have successfully integrated elements of both virtual currency and real estate to create a unique approach that maximizes both the growth of property values and the experience for the home buyer that involves the Metaverse. 

Nuñez’s specialty is dealing with high value, luxury properties and marketing them using a combination of methods, including influencer marketing. Non-Fungible Token (NFT) generation is also an aspect of the Super Luxury Group’s strategy that involves generating an NFT of the property that then grows in value with the home. The group trades homes exclusively above the $5 million mark, so return on that investment is a big selling point for their many clients. The first thing that he noticed about the market is that people are ready and looking to deal in cryptocurrency. “A lot of people don’t have cash, they made their wealth in cryptocurrency and they want to make purchases with it.” Because of this, Nuñez sees trading homes via virtual platforms on the blockchain as the future of the real estate market and has set his company in the perfect position to be there through the periods of growth he sees coming their way. The Miami real estate market, in particular, shows no signs of slowing down, and its virtual currency market will only get bigger and more inclusive from here, to include more kinds of virtual currencies. 

While he is very optimistic on the continued growth of both real estate and the metaverse together, he believes that more people need to understand the strongest currency in the world is not cryptocurrency or even real estate- it’s attention. “Attention is the most valuable asset you can have.” That’s what he offers his clients at Super Luxury Group. By leveraging the social platform of influencers, mirroring property listings in the metaverse and looking for other innovative ways to keep his clients properties interesting and engaging, he is able to turn attention into a monetary bonus for his clients. As a result of his unique approach to business, his team also looks a bit different than other real estate investors. He, of course, has architects, brokers, interior designers, and lenders, but he also mirrors these roles in the metaverse (meta-lenders, meta-architects, etc.) 

Nuñez believes in the intertwined future of real estate and NFTs, but he also believes there is a lot more for people to learn. Whether at an event like Miami NFT, the upcoming NFT.NYC, or other events, he believes that the best way to prepare for the future is for people to learn as much as they can about the rapidly growing world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro is the founder and CEO of Super Luxury Group, a luxury real estate media acclaimed luxury real estate media company that specializes on helping the affluent to celebritize & sell high-end properties through influencer marketing, crypto, NFTs, and metaverse integrations. After leaving his home and his family in Madrid, Spain, he moved to the US to pursue his education on a tennis scholarship, finishing an undergraduate degree, an MBA, and an executive program at Harvard. He founded the Super Luxury Group and rose quickly to a place of notoriety in Miami’s luxury real estate market. Alvaro leads an action-packed life. As a skydiver, Ironman racer, and world traveler, Nuñez is always traveling, having been to numerous continents and many more countries in his young life. One of his milestones that he reached recently was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On top of his daring hobbies, Nuñez is a skilled speaker who has engaged with thousands of virtual currency investors and real estate investors. You can also follow Nuñez on instagram @alvaronunez to see his travels, upcoming events and much more.

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