David Anthony Schroeder on His Book About Overcoming Chronic Pain Using CBD For Pain Management

One of the hallmarks of greatness is creating something valuable out of unpleasant situations or unfortunate circumstances. In the case of David Anthony Schroeder, a chronic pain survivor, he has demonstrated how one can make significant contributions to society after going through difficulties and hardships. Because of his previous experiences and past struggles, this man of steel stepped up to the challenge of showing the world how beneficial incorporating cannabidiol (CBD) into one’s lifestyle can be. 

Widely acknowledged in the industry, David Anthony Schroeder is an autodidactic expert of CBD out of personal necessity. As one of the foremost advocates of using cannabidiol for therapeutic pain management, David took it upon himself to shed light on the safety measures and precautions one must take before implementing a CBD regimen. On a mission to help those suffering from chronic pain, he has been going the extra mile to raise awareness about cannabidiol. David is the esteemed author of the book “7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD.”

In a recent interview, David talked about what led him to the path of using cannabidiol. According to him, he struggled with long periods of chronic pain for over forty-five years. About six years ago, an acquaintance in the cannabis industry gave him a CBD pain stick. At first, David thought it was a joke and laughed it off. To his surprise, however, using CBD changed everything for him. 

Because of how pleased he was with the effects of using CBD, David ended up embarking on an immersive quest into the CBD arena. Determined to fight his chronic pain, he dedicated a lot of time and effort weeding through the advantages and disadvantages of using CBD. He also had to deal with the deluge of misinformation regarding cannabidiol. After three years of digging into as much medical information as he could find, he ended up with a book, “7 Ways to Manage Pain With CBD.” David is quick to point out that he didn’t start out to write a book, he just wanted relief from pain.

David’s book is the first and only one of its kind. It delves into the basics of CBD so that a person with no background therein can quickly grasp everything there is to know about its usage. According to Portland News, “7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD” is in a league of its own. Another Amazon reviewer also said that the book is worthy of the title, “pain management bible.”

“7 Ways to Manage Pain with CBD” debunks myths surrounding CBD immediately and gets right to the heart of the matter. This is a must-have book filled with important information for those who suffer from chronic pain and want the truth about CBD, how to use it in forms other than oil, and how not to get ripped off by shady CBD salespeople.

As a useful pain management tool, CBD has helped many people find relief. CBD helps pain sufferers finally take back the life and joy that their chronic pain stole from them. David Anthony Schroeder’s goal is to equip every new user outside the cannabis industry with the tools and the knowledge necessary for using cannabis as medicine. In this way, they can receive CBD’s benefits and heal their bodies. 

Although having chronic pain can be complicated, David wants to send the message that pain is not impossible to overcome. As someone who educated and armed himself with the necessary information and knowledge about the benefits of CBD, he is more than willing to do the same for others. Today, he continues to improve people’s quality of life and teach them how to function with less pain. 

Visit David’s official website, The CBD Writer, to learn more about his groundbreaking new book or read his latest articles on CBD and chronic pain. Connect with David on his Linkedin page. The book may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and his website.


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