April 16, 2024
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Jason Pierce Championing a Greener Future with Chronic® Hemp Core™

The true mark of a world-class enterprise is its ability to elevate its industry to greater heights. One remarkable venture stands out for singlehandedly raising the bar of sports equipment manufacturing across the globe—Jason Pierce’s Chronic® Athletics.

Known for using groundbreaking technology and creating innovative products, the company is recognized as a trailblazer in the action sports equipment industry. One of its proudest accomplishments is having its Chronic® Rocky 105cct D-series emerge victorious in the cutthroat competition to become the Official Ski Supplier to the U.S. ARMY Legendary 10th Mountain Division 1-157th Colorado’s Finest. 

Now, the business has taken on the impressive and meaningful mission of producing eco-friendly products through its latest initiative, the Chronic® Hemp Core™ 2023. It is a passion project for founder Jason Pierce who is an advocate for environmentally friendly manufacturing. With the program, the visionary aims to show everyone that making sports equipment can be done using clean technology that will not harm the earth. 

In an industry that heavily relies on materials sourced from wood, the brand has found a more sustainable option using an abundant and renewable resource—hemp. Partnering with World Hemp Organization, Chronic® Athletics’ primary goal is to significantly reduce and even eliminate its use of inorganic materials by the end of 2023. In addition, the business targets to cut down up to 1.63 tons in carbon emissions for every ton of hemp it uses. 

Aside from looking for cleaner alternatives, the company remains committed to its purpose of providing sturdy and superior equipment. As its outstanding founder once shared, “Our goal is to make your experience better. Adding value to your outdoor experience is our main objective.”

Because of Jason Pierce’s passion, expertise, and leadership, the brand has perfectly combined its two most critical goals of quality and sustainability. As a result, not only are the snowboards and skis made from the Chronic® Hemp Core™ 2023 initiative more environmentally safe, but they are also lighter and more durable.

Other industry players will have a hard time keeping up with the incredible advancements made by Chronic® Athletics. However, more than solidifying its reputation as the authority of action sports equipment, the business aims to inspire and influence its peers to adapt manufacturing practices to help save the environment and the earth. 

Jason Pierce has proven yet again that innovation and creativity are crucial to achieving progress. Through his passion and determination, he was able to create an enterprise that provides high-quality gear that helps people enjoy a more active lifestyle. On top of that, he has contributed to the noble cause of sustainable manufacturing, which helps preserve the planet.

Within the next few years, Chronic® Athletics sees itself developing other revolutionary products, initiatives, and programs that will further elevate the industry of action sports equipment. But most importantly, it plans to continue looking for ways to help conserve the earth and fulfill the mission of Chronic® Hemp Core™ 2023.

Learn more about Chronic® Athletics’ latest products and its upcoming initiatives by visiting its website

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