Manchester United might soon be up for sale


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The Glazer family Manchester United owner, says they are considering selling the team while looking into other options.

In 2005, the Americans paid the club £790m ($1.34bn).

The club said the board would look at all possible strategies. For example, this could be a new investment in the club, a sale, or something else that the company does.

The Glazers sold 10% of their stake in 2012 by putting it on the stock market. In the years that followed, they sold more shares.

Since 1995, the Glazer family have owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Avram Glazer bought a team in the new United Arab Emirates Twenty20 cricket league that will start in 2021.

After their father, Malcolm, had a stroke in April 2006, Joel and Avram took over running United daily. In 2014, Malcolm died at the age of 85.

Raine Group, an American investment firm, is in charge of the business side of things. In May, Raine Group sold Chelsea for £4.25 billion.

United is fifth in the Premier League. The last time they won the league title was in 2013, and they hadn’t won a trophy since 2017 when they won the Europa League and EFL Cup.

Recently, there have been protests against the Glazers’ ownership. In May 2021, the English FA moved United’s home league game against Liverpool because of one of these protests.

Glazers out protests

In August of this season, thousands of fans marched to Old Trafford to protest before the same game.

United was involved in the failed European Super League, which fell apart quickly in April 2021. Joel Glazer, co-chairman of Manchester United, said he was sorry for the trouble.

Since then, he always attended fan forums whenever the fans were upset, and promised to sell shares to the club’s fans.

Transfermarkt says that under the Glazers, Manchester United has spent a net of 1.18 billion euros on transfers. Only Manchester City has spent more in that time.

In a controversial interview last week, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the captain of Portugal, said bad things about the club’s owners. He also said that on the sports side, the Glazer family “doesn’t care about the club.”

The decision to sell United comes after Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said that Fenway Sports Group was looking into selling.

In August 2022, Bloomberg said the Glazer family was willing to sell a small part of the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire, said he might want to buy United. But in October, he said that the Glazers told him they did not want to sell.

Fans of Manchester United will be glad to see Glazer go

No one has ever questioned the Glazers’ view of Manchester United as an investment.

More or less, everyone is interested in the football side, with co-chairmen Joel and Avram being the most so. But making money is the primary goal, and they have done that.

So, a few things have come together to make the Glazers think that now is an excellent time to test the water about leaving.

First, they scrapped the plan for the European Super League. Even though Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are sure, the courts will clear it.

Then, Saudi Arabia’s help for Newcastle makes the Premier League and Europe more competitive.

Plus, the club needs to spend a lot of money to fix up Old Trafford and make improvements at its Carrington training ground. So in the short term, it will cost a lot to keep United competitive.

So, the £4.25 billion paid for Chelsea in the summer looks like an excellent deal.

The Glazers are not well-liked as owners since they bought United in 2005.

Most fans will be glad to see them go if they leave. But given how much it’s likely to sell for, their dream of owning it may be challenging.

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And even if Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who has been a fan since he was a child, goes through with his summer plan to try to buy the club. So, the future at Old Trafford may need to be clarified in the short term.

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