Miami Tech Entrepreneurs Start Grind Token: Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Give New Entrepreneurs the Chance to Fund Their Business Dreams

We know how hard it is to start a business; that’s why a team of bright young tech entrepreneurs from Miami decided to go on a mission to bridge the blockchain and startup by raising money via their utility token, Grind, which will be launching on the Eth network.

Grind was created when they saw an opportunity to combine their love for developing businesses and cryptocurrency. By mixing this passion and their obsession with success, they developed Grind to become the opportunity some new entrepreneurs may need to kickstart their dreams of turning their business ideas into reality. 

The whitepaper on their website states, “We all know how hard it can be to get someone to believe in your business ideas, no matter how amazing they may be. Grind decided that through use of crypto and community, we could raise money to provide an opportunity to anyone looking to start their own business.” 

Not to lose sight of their own entrepreneurial plans, the Grind team has big plans for the future and have the goal to create a platform where they can open up this fundraising to anyone who has a business idea. Entrepreneurs will be able to upload their profile and business plans to the platform, and then set a seed funding round. Individuals or corporate investors will be able to then participate in the seed round by purchasing Grind Token and donating it to the business ideas of their choice. All of that development and growth will be funded through Grind token, and their whitepaper states that they are “working through all the boring and legal stuff for this right now to make this utility come to life” and they are “very excited for the future,” and “Grind is just the start of it”. 

The Grind Team says they will honor its community with transparency, communication and respect whilst everyone grinds together. Their vision is to foster a community who knows that they are appreciated and trusts their team. Expect big things from this team.

Connect with Grind on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and on their website.

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