Serial Entrepreneur Shares Roller-Coaster Journey of Failure to Success

Starting a business is already challenging; managing multiple companies at a time multiplies that challenge tenfold. Regardless of the obstacles, Ryan McNutt proves that it may be a long shot, but it is possible. The serial entrepreneur currently manages two successful companies along with his wife and business partner Jenna McNutt.

Known as a power couple, Ryan and Jenna McNutt have been involved with nine companies to date. Together, they are building an empire, garnering a seven-figure income from their businesses annually. Among their ventures are the marketing company One Source Branding & Media and the sustainable CBD brand called Kono Naturals.

Ryan McNutt, based in Orlando, Florida, is a ninth-grade dropout who strived to make his own way as an entrepreneur. Asked why he had the desire to do so, Ryan shared that he wanted the financial and personal freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. With no experience, necessary funding, or connections, Ryan felt that the world was against him. On top of that, Ryan had to fulfill his responsibilities as a father to two children, the eldest born when he was 20 years old.

“My life has been full of ups and downs through it all to ultimately start my own companies. My first company was a successful clothing brand; then I lost it all overnight as well as everything else. After losing everything and going through a divorce, I was at the bottom fighting major depression,” shared the serial entrepreneur. 

Eventually, Ryan McNutt met his wife Jenna, a like-minded and driven woman who helped him get back on his feet. “5 years later, we have never spent a day apart and now are involved with nine companies, including building our own 7 figure marketing and branding company,” Ryan said.

One Source Branding & Media is one of the most successful companies in the industry today, providing professional brand development and online marketing to hundreds of small business owners across the country. “We are focused on helping develop startup companies and existing companies with building a successful brand through smart and creative marketing,” said Ryan McNutt. One Source, embodying its name, is a one-stop shop for various marketing services clients could ever need to reach their goals.

As of date, One Source Branding & Media has published over 4,000 pieces of content online, launched more than 6,500 campaigns, and has served clients from different industries. With the trust and relationship the company has established with its clients over the years, most of their upcoming projects are products of word-of-mouth recommendations. Among One Source’s specialized services are website development, social media management, SEO, graphic design, business development, and business consulting.

On the other hand, Kono Naturals is a sustainable brand that carries a collection of organic Cannabidiol (CBD) products, each one carefully produced to provide a natural solution to pain, mental health problems, and wellness. Kono Naturals produces products made from 100% hemp plants, on a mission to give customers nothing but the best CBD-based products. Kono Naturals is also heavily tested by a third party that ensures the integrity of oil and the potency and confirms the absence of chemicals and solvents.

Despite the bumpy ride he’s been through, Ryan proved that anyone could reach their goal with hard work, commitment, and a clear vision of where one wants to be.Learn more about Ryan through his website. Check out the websites for One Source Branding & Media and Kono Naturals for more information on his businesses.


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