Florida Senate Committee Supports Charges for Electric Vehicles

In a recent development, Florida legislators have revisited the concept of instituting annual registration charges for electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative, led by the Senate Transportation Committee, aims to introduce a $200 registration fee for electric vehicle owners. This measure is intended to balance the expected decrease in gas-tax

Mastering the Web: John Colascione's Impactful Search Engine Solutions

Mastering the Web: John Colascione’s Impactful Search Engine Solutions

Thanks to rapid tech expansion, today’s digital world is loud and crowded, with everyone shouting to be heard. But why is standing out so tough? The answer lies in the approach. The digital landscape is in a constant state of flux, with search engine algorithms and marketing trends evolving

Miami’s Drag n Tag Fundraiser Breaks Boundaries for LGBTQ+ Youth

A Fierce Collaboration Raises Funds for Queer Youth as Drag Queens and Shark Scientists Unite In Miami, an extraordinary event called Drag n Tag is making waves as it combines the vibrant world of drag with the scientific pursuit of studying sharks. This fierce fundraiser takes place on Biscayne

tencent cloud

Tencent Cloud is ready for Web3

Is China’s stance on cryptocurrency a watershed moment? Tencent Cloud’s recent behavior indicates as much. Tencent Cloud will make an unexpected investment in web3-related products, joining the ranks of huge global IT businesses


SpaceX postpones rocket’s launch date

At least 48 hours will pass before someone attempts to launch the most powerful rocket ever launched into orbit. The Starship was built in the United States by Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm. Monday’s


Seattle hit by tech cuts and pandemic

People flocked to a florist in the shadow of Amazon’s headquarters to buy bouquets. A bartender on the other side of the company’s sprawling Seattle campus was taken aback by the crowds that

Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Virgin Orbit, a space business, has declared bankruptcy in the United States after failing to get new finance. The satellite launch company has ceased operations but is looking for a buyer. The California-based

UAE sent its first space mission to Mars

The UAE space agency launched its maiden mission to Mars in 2020, fewer than ten years after it was established. So, how did they pull it off? On July 19, 2020, a rocket

Tesla shares worth $3bn sold by Musk

Elon Musk, who is worth a billion dollars, has sold 22 million more shares in Tesla, a company that makes electric cars. The total value of these shares was $3.58 billion. The shares

TikTok faces opposition from U.S. congress

National security concerns have led some U.S. lawmakers to call for a ban on the social media app TikTok, best known for its short viral videos. The bill is the latest thing the

Rolls-Royce tests hydrogen powered jet engines

Rolls-Royce is testing a small jet engine for an airplane in a windy part of a military base on Salisbury Plain. These tests could one day lead to significant changes in the aviation

Protests hit Foxconn’s iPhone factory

The biggest iPhone factory in the world, in  the city of Zhengzhou was hit by massive protests according to circulating videos. On videos, hundreds of workers marched, as people in hazmat suits and

Elon Musk: The X app that might replace Twitter

Elon Musk and Twitter seemed to be engaged in an unbreakable dance, it seemed. Then it abruptly ended, at least for the time being, with a brief letter from Musk’s attorneys to Twitter’s

Hubble Telescope: NASA, SpaceX might consider reboot

To extend the life of the Hubble telescope, Nasa and the SpaceX will investigate the viability of running a commercial astronaut mission. One of the greatest scientific instruments ever created, the orbiting observatory,

Meta: Facebook owner’s ad sales slowdown

After the internet giant reported disappointing financial results, shares of Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, have fallen more than 20%. Revenues and profitability dropped due to investors’ skepticism about Mark Zuckerberg’s plans

Why BMW favors battery production in the US

BMW has revealed a $1.7 billion investment to help get ready its sizable Spartanburg, South Carolina factory to build electric vehicles and SUVs. An adjacent battery manufacturing facility’s construction cost $700 million of

Australia exposed by massive data breach at Optus

About 10 million subscribers, or 40% of the population, had their personal information taken in what Optus, a large Australian telecommunications company, called a cyber-attack last week. Some experts say it might be

Netflix to launch video game studio in Finland

As it steps up its efforts to establish itself in the gaming sector, Netflix is establishing its video game studio in Helsinki, Finland. Marko Lastikka, a former executive at Zynga and Electronic Arts,

Boeing to pay $200m after claims it misled investors

In response to accusations that it deceived investors about two fatal 737 Max crashes, Boeing will pay $200 million. According to the US stock market watchdog, the aviation giant and its former CEO

Uber systems the latest victim of hackers

When various internal communications and engineering systems were compromised, Uber declared that it was looking into the matter. The hacker gave pictures of the email, cloud storage, and code repositories to the newspaper,

Instagram users unable to access the app for hours

On Thursday, thousands of users reported having trouble accessing Meta’s Instagram app globally for several hours. Instagram complaints peaked soon after 12:30 pm ET, according to uptime tracking website Downdetector. According to the

TikTok to Ban Campaign Fundraising on its Platform

TikTok is preventing politicians and political parties from raising money on its platform less than two months before the midterm elections. The social networking site announced its decision to forbid political campaigns from