April 21, 2024
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10 Entrepreneurs of 2023

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As the business hub of the southeast, Miami is home to a diverse and vibrant entrepreneurial community. From tech startups to fashion boutiques to food and beverage enterprises, the city is teeming with innovative ideas and ambitious business leaders. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2023. These individuals have made a name for themselves in their respective industries, and they are sure to continue making waves in the coming year.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for guidance or you’re simply interested in staying on top of the latest business trends, following these successful individuals can provide valuable insights and inspiration. They share their experiences, strategies, and thought processes on social media and through various platforms, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2023. From well-known industry giants to rising stars, these individuals are sure to make an impact and inspire you on your own path to success.

1. Rupa Dash – a futurist & feminist leading a new era of equality

A feminist at heart and an entrepreneur by profession, Rupa Dash is a futurist working to empower women through innovation, education, and creativity. 

Known for being the first Indian-American Managing Director of the White House recognized World’s Largest Women Entrepreneurship Network, Rupa is the CEO and co-founder of World Woman Foundation, an international platform that provides capital, coaching and commerce opportunity, and Dash Global Media, an LA-based entertainment company.

She has several accolades to her credit, including the International Telecom Union Award from the United Nations and the Women Making Difference Award from LA Business Journal in 2018. She is actively involved with a number of organizations, including UN Women, Hollywood Film Festival, Harvard Business School, and Davos Forum, and has worked with the likes of Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Rupa advocates for gender equality in TV and films and has been associated with popular names like Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. She is heavily involved with the World Woman Foundation and aims to empower more than a million girls and women by 2030. The organization enjoys a global presence and has a network of more than 300 change-makers and over 55,000 Global Mentorship Program Graduates. Recently, she launched World Woman Hour, the largest digital micro-storytelling platform in partnership with WPP and Facebook Watch with a massive reach of 42.7 million digital footprints, featured on NYSE Opening Bell Ceremony and UN Women.

A torchbearer of equality, Rupa has been appointed as the Senator of the World Business Angel Investment Forum in the US and is working on new programs to empower women and solve female issues. Planning to build a billion-dollar fund for women entrepreneurs, Rupa is focused on making this world a better place for everyone. Go here to learn more about her latest projects and how she’s changing the world.

2. Danielle Gronich

Danielle Gronich is an innovator in the beauty space with several awards and accolades to her credit. Best known for being the CEO and formulator of CLEARSTEM Skincare, she is also the founder of The San Diego Acne Clinic and has more than 10 years of industry experience.

Known as The Acne Guru®, Danielle is known for safe yet effective clinical products. After several rounds of Accutane and multiple failed laser treatments, she decided to use her background in cellular biology, genetics, and immunology to create safer, more reliable treatment options.

She got deeper into clinical research, went back to school, and received her license as an acne specialist and clinical esthetician that she used to launch San Diego Acne Clinic and CLEARSTEM Skincare. She has an award-winning lineup of over 14 products, including MINDBODYSKIN, an extremely popular acne vitamin that aims to solve the problem of acne while being non-toxic.

3. Harout Markarian

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Harout Markarian is an entrepreneur, former professional athlete, and engineer with an MBA and master’s in robotics. A visionary with a focus on solving problems, he used his education and 15 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry to co-found Markbotix with Jeff Hoffman, the founder of The assistive robotics company targets the elderly and those with disabilities and reimagines independent living and accessibility for people with mobility challenges.

He understands the issues the elderly and people with disabilities face due to experiencing it firsthand in his family. His company works in close partnership with the disability community and is best known for developing the Ground Robotic Assistant for Care Enablement (GRACE). The robot increases safety and independence, and improves accessibility with the help of AI and ML technologies. Plus, it reduces caregiver burnout, increases independence by performing simple tasks, identifies objects, and alerts loved ones (or authority) in case of a health emergency. Not only that, but he also focuses on making air travel more accessible and more efficient for people with disabilities. 

Harout hosts the Mobility and Inclusion podcast, which is also the title of his book that talks about making the world accessible to one and all. He wishes to make Markbotix the most trusted assistive robotics company and has plans to introduce new technologies. 

Go here to follow Harout’s journey and know more about Markbotix, including the latest products the company has to offer.

4. Jason Wojo

Featured by the likes of NY Weekly and Entrepreneur Magazine as a 30 Under 30 Entreprenuer, Jason Wojo is an online marketer and entrepreneur helping businesses grow, generate more sales and close more high ticket deals/clients. He does this by using a mix of marketing strategies, including online ads, social media marketing, email marketing, lead magnets, copywriting, funnel building, sales systems, automations and more. 

After finding success as an online marketer, he founded Wojo Media in 2018 to cater to more businesses, small and large. The company works with all kinds of clients, including mostly ecom, lead gen companies, service-based businesses, coaches, consultants, insurance, gyms, personal trainers, clothing brands, real estate firms, and many more. Wojo has plans to expand his business and cater to more niches even though they have already successfully run ad campaigns for 90+ niches and verticals as of 2023. 

He believes in customization and using unique offer strategies to attract and win customers. He says that entrepreneurs need to focus on not just trendy industries, but offer creation, copy and proven sales processes. He doesn’t believe in trends and fads but in uniqueness in the marketplace and bringing an irresistible offer to the macro world. To learn more about Jason Wojo, click here.

5. Gabriella Maria Mantilla

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Gabriella Maria Mantilla is an influencer, e-commerce executive, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur with a large social media following and a proven track record. She runs a social media management company that helps brands reach more people, make an impression, and strengthen goodwill. Gabriella works with all kinds of businesses and is known for being creative, passionate, easy to work with, and well-aware of the latest marketing trends.

She has a very high engagement rate and a loyal fan base. The star focuses on a variety of niches and is very active on social media. She regularly interacts with her followers and keeps them entertained and informed.

After tasting success as an influencer, she turned entrepreneur and started Latona Lifestyle Brand, a streetwear brand that caters to today’s generation and encourages people to be true to who they are. The brand offers unique designs and top-quality products and already has an international presence. 

Gabriella is excited about helping more brands as an influencer and growing her business. Go here to know more about her.

6. Leonard Person Jr

Leonard is a serial entrepreneur and published author best known for founding successful businesses like MyHouseGram, You’re Still Home Away From Home LLC. and Cheapstreak LLC. 

His biggest success is MyHouseGram, best known for offering a $200K line of credit without any financial documents. The business helps people rebuild their financial health and offers a variety of services, including credit building and mortgage. Other services offered by the company include hard money lending, transfer of house ownership into company name, car rental, and mortgage.

In addition, Leonard offers consultations and works with both businesses and individuals, teaching people to be financially independent. His main focus is real estate investment and building capital. He uses his experience in real estate to help people improve their investments, increase the value of their property, boost their credit history, and change their financial standing. To learn more about Leonard Person Jr & MyHouseGram, click here.

7. Christian Name

Christian Name is an entrepreneur who entered the world of real estate at a very young age and made his first flip in 2016. He specializes in residential redevelopments and new developments, and excels in identifying properties that are unique and potentially rewarding.

Christian has completed a large number of developments in Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, and New York and has worked with all kinds of clients. His experience and connections help him find the best properties in the region. The man has an excellent work ethic and extensive renovation experience, including everything from studio apartments to expansive estates.

He stays abreast with the latest trends and takes a keen interest in green design movements. The realtor is very passionate about the industry and enjoys helping others and mingling with like-minded people.

8. Marco Robert

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Marco Robert is a well-known business expert and guru who works with international clients and has helped businesses generate more than 1.2 billion. One of the most successful mentors in the industry, Marco is also a keynote speaker, best known for his ability to connect with the audience and talk about topics such as scaling businesses and finding success as an entrepreneur.

Called ‘The Master Of Business Systems’ by friends and clients, Marco is constantly growing and now has an international reach. He recently teamed up with a management consulting firm in Europe with offices in Luxemburg, Switzerland, England, and France and has plans to continue to expand in the future and partner with even more businesses.

Marco uses a mix of common sense, new strategies, and tried and tested tricks to help businesses achieve their goals. He started his advisory business nearly two decades ago and has helped it evolve from a consulting firm to an investing business doing mergers and acquisitions.

9. Tracy Le Fleur

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Tate Kerkhoff and Tracy Le Fleur are entrepreneurs, matchmakers, relationship gurus, and coaches helping people find their ‘true’ love. Together with celebrity matchmaker Camelia Ray, they’ve launched The Match Agency, a matchmaking service that helps men and women find their true match.

As a trip, they guide people in all aspects of dating and help them navigate through the decision-making process. Together they believe that everyone deserves a chance at love and is working to change the dating game. Tate and Tracy understand all aspects of dating, relationships, children, divorce, and marriage and have experience bringing up children, being in a long-distance relationship, and dealing with couple issues. 

They are using their experience to teach people to not only find but also maintain and share love. The Match Agency plans on entering new markets and reaching more people. Go here to learn more about their journey and how they can help you.

10. Kamran Zahid & Nuran Rahman

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Kamran Zahid and Nuran Rahman are the co-founders of Fame Media, a PR firm that helps top 1% individuals and organizations enhance their digital presence through strategic PR and content creation. Both Kamran and Nuran, who are just 19 and 22 years old respectively, have already made a significant impact in the public relations industry.

Their passion for communication and the power it has to shape public perception led them to establish Fame Media, a PR firm that could effectively represent high-profile clients in the digital age. In just two years, the company has become a go-to resource for individuals and businesses looking to improve their online presence. Kamran and Nuran have assembled a team of skilled professionals who excel at developing engaging narratives and executing successful PR campaigns.

Their hard work and dedication have resulted in impressive achievements. They have helped numerous high-profile clients increase their online visibility and reputation, leading to increased brand awareness and a boost in business. As they continue to grow and develop, Kamran and Nuran are poised to make even bigger waves in the PR industry. Their youth and determination make them a formidable team, and they seem destined to positively transform the public relations field. With their passion for communication and their ability to deliver results for their clients, Kamran and Nuran are sure to continue making a positive impact in the PR industry for years to come.

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