Brian Framson: The Founder of the Florida-Based Citrus America, Pioneering Efficiency For Customers Across North America With Fresh Juice and More

Brian Framson
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Florida, a state celebrated for its yield of citrus crops, serves as the ideal headquarters for Brian Framson’s Citrus America, which supports customers all around North America.

An entrepreneurial visionary with an extensive and diverse background, Brian is on a mission to revolutionize the way Americans savor freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Inception: From Vienna to Florida

The origin of Citrus America dates back to 2010 when Brian, then residing in Vienna, Austria, discovered a peculiar dichotomy – it was more convenient to procure a glass of fresh orange juice across the pond than in Florida, where his parents resided. This apparent paradox propelled Brian and his father, Ron, on a transformative journey culminating in the establishment of Citrus America.

As Framson puts it, “It was easier to get fresh juice in Vienna, than when I visited them in Florida. I was still living in Vienna when we formed the business and kicked things off. My father was the ‘boots on the ground’ in Florida, so it made a lot of sense to start in Florida.”

A Fresh Paradigm for Fresh Juice

Citrus America was founded with a clear-cut objective: to rectify these issues and furnish a sustainable, consistently healthy means of consuming fresh juice. Their path to success was marked by simplicity but efficacy: provide top-tier equipment, comprehensive product training, continuous technical support, and coaching to empower customers to excel in their investment.

Citrus America
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Framson elaborates, “Our vision expanded beyond fresh orange juice to encompass fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, and pomegranate for use in craft cocktails, culinary preparations, and more.”

Enhancing Profitability for Businesses

At the heart of Citrus America’s mission lies the core purpose of enabling businesses to accrue healthy profits through juicing in grocery retail and food service. Their strategy revolves around taste, hygiene, and efficiency, with an emphasis on user-friendly, speedy, easy-to-clean, and reliable juicing equipment.

In Framson’s words, “A piece of equipment can’t be efficient if it breaks down frequently and costs a lot to repair. We’re focused on all of those things: high quality, robust material, great training, fast support… and, of course, having the fastest equipment in the market.”

Adapting to Unpredictability: Navigating the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed substantial challenges, especially for a business closely intertwined with the food service industry. Initially concentrated on bolstering the grocery sector, Framson and his team redirected their focus to food service. However, the pandemic disrupted these plans.

He reflects on this period, saying, “With COVID that pretty much blew up in our face. We still did a lot of grocery business, but we took the big slow-down as a time to restructure a few things, streamline our processes, and work on our marketing strategies.”

Embracing Florida’s Allure

Beyond catalyzing the transformation of the fresh juice industry in America, Framson holds a profound affection for Florida.

In his own words, “There’s always the beach, which I love to visit when I have the time, but I like some more obscure things like canoeing in the Wekiva River and spotting wildlife, like otters, woodpeckers, and, of course, some alligators.”

Catering to the Food Service Industry

Citrus America’s impact transcends the realm of grocery retail. As Framson explains, “Breakfast places are a natural fit. Since COVID, we’ve also started to have some real success in Mexican restaurants, where they juice a lot of limes for both their cooking ingredients, for things like guacamole and salsa, and their cocktails, like margaritas.”

Framson and Citrus America are poised to revolutionize how Americans perceive and indulge in fresh juice through their innovative solutions, high-grade equipment, and commitment to customer success by amplifying the accessibility of fresh juice..

With Framson at the helm, the Florida-based company continues to deliver healthy profits through furthering efficiency for businesses, and a delectable taste of fresh citrus to the country.

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