Britain's economy

Britain’s economy is back, Chancellor says

According to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, Britain’s economy is “back,” and his growth strategy has been praised at the IMF meeting in Washington. Kwasi Kwarteng, his predecessor, unexpectedly left


The benefits of friendship to our health

Romantic connections are commonly considered to boost your health and even help you live longer. But does friendship provide the same advantages? Benny Shakes must control his exuberance


Illeism: Be unstoppable in your thinking

Although logic is not always effective in solving issues, there are techniques for thinking less emotionally and more objectively. There are hardly many things that have benefited people

Heathrow security strike to last for 10 days

Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Five security personnel will go on strike for ten days commencing March 31 over pay. According to the Unite union, approximately 1,400 of its Heathrow

Missing Radioactive capsule has been found

The finding of a small radioactive capsule that went missing last month has been announced by Western Australian officials. They said that emergency workers found “the needle in


Disney begins second round of layoffs

The Walt Disney Company has begun a second round of layoffs as part of a restructure that was previously announced and will cause the loss of 7,000 positions.