A New Marine Species Discovered in the Persian Gulf

Arthur’s Snapping Shrimp: A Transparent Marvel with Orange Ovaries In an era where technological advancements often overshadow natural discoveries, the scientific community has made a groundbreaking find that serves as a reminder of


Phoenix hit record 110 degrees on 54 days this year

How hot is Phoenix right now? The sweltering city in the Sonoran Desert broke yet another record on Saturday when temperatures exceeded 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) during what has been the

Electric Vehicles

How Electric Vehicles can Help in Curbing Oil Demand

The reality on the ground tells a different story from the dreams held by politicians throughout the world that electric vehicles (EVs) will take the place of conventional combustion engines and lower oil usage.

green hydrogen as an alternative fuel source

Why is green hydrogen touted as a clean fuel?

Green hydrogen is promoted as a sustainable energy alternative to remove carbon from high-emitting industries including transportation and manufacturing. The Green Hydrogen Innovation Center was established earlier this year by the International Solar

Florida tourism

Florida tourism numbers dip in second quarter

According to projections made public on Wednesday by the state’s tourism marketing organization, fewer people visited Florida during the second quarter of 2023 than they did in the same period the previous year.

General Motors

General Motors Offers Staff New Wage and Benefits

General Motors (GM) has formally extended its initial pay and benefit offer to the United Auto Workers (UAW) despite upcoming contract expirations and the danger of a protracted strike. However, this offer has

American Airlines

American Airlines flight attendants vote to strike

As salary hike negotiations drudge on, American Airlines flight attendants say they are prepared to walk out. According to the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, 99% of its members voted in favor of

air traffic chaos

Ryanair boss rubbishes air traffic chaos report

The CEO of Ryanair called a report on the air traffic chaos  over the holiday weekend “rubbish” and called the information “false.” The conclusions, according to Michael O’Leary, “downplay the impact on the

Gas prices

Gas prices could hit record highs on Labor Day

Nationwide, gas prices are very high. According to AAA, gas prices in Arizona are currently 50 cents more per gallon than they were last month and on average nationwide. And as gas stations