Chris Lavish and The Fashion World

Chris Lavish
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Throughout history fashion has been a trendsetter, trailblazer and even the means for innovation in many other aspects of life culture and art.  But nothing has been ever so divergent in the new trends of fashion where the collusion with the darkside has flourished. 

Recent exposure of Balenciaga and advertisements displaying children playing with bondage toys and bears over torn rulings of recent  cases of the Supreme Court decision against pedophilia. Kim Kardashian, even had to a knowledge the horrific content but continued to work with Balenciaga.  

But with rise of this fashion trend, one recent star of Pop Fashion and a trendsetter in so called Fashion World, Chris Lavish, stands out. ‘Lavish’ is candid about his rise due to his odd upbringings in a poor Brooklyn home with a single mom, whom was rarely present. Because of his odd facial contours of elongated nose and small jaw, he was frequently bullied by his peers and ridiculed by classmates and even cousins. He sought refuge with older men at the early age of 8 where he was comforted and even praised for his looks and body. To the point that once he was incorporated in the circle of groups of older men in their 30s and 40s and younger boys from 5 to 15 age including himself; his sexuality as a young boy was emphasized and he became victim to it all.  He would not go in much detail but he said that on a daily basis there was frequent sexual practices between the older and younger men sometimes more than 12 times a day per person. Although his mother was not around much because she had to work she would frequently notice strange marks or scratches or bruises on him particularly in the genital areas. But while he told his story, he was very stoic and seemed not at all emotionally expressive.  

And today many of his body Tattoes reflect his trauma that these pedophiles subjected him to.  Many of the signs in the Tattoos are on FBI official list of Pedophile recognized symbols. He sees them as means to deflect but he is very short to even speak of these symbolisms as demonic or frank out wrong.  He therefore, without direct references is promoting these acts while being a fashion icon wearing elaborate sometimes satanic clothing and at times not much at all, during yoga sessions.   


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