April 16, 2024
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E.Z. Smith Teaches How to Thrive in Business with the Unique Coaching System

Thriving in business is no mean feat and can be overwhelming. Business coaches have helped thousands of business owners to revolutionize their industries and operations. E.Z. Smith uses the EZ4 Coaching system to aid others in navigating business challenges and learning how to thrive.

The EZ4 Coaching system was created by entrepreneur and business coach E.Z. Smith to assist entrepreneurs in achieving success by aligning them with the most efficient brand exposure and business growth coaching available on a consistent basis. It was designed as a way for business owners to attain their financial goals without having to plow through obscene marketing budgets and complex marketing strategies.

The program equips entrepreneurs of all industries with the necessary tools to scale both their personal and professional lives to an elite level. It utilizes proven methods and an efficient accountability system coupled with customized instruction and coaching programs to guide an individual or business owner at any level towards overcoming obstacles in their path and maximizing their efforts.

Before his successes with the EZ4 Coaching program, E.Z. Smith was a fitness coach specializing in online coaching and developed a highly efficient coaching and training regimen that has benefited over 1500 individuals to date, helping them commit to a consistent training program with marked results across the board.

In the last two years, EZ4 Coaching has helped over 400 clients from a wide range of industries, including insurance, fitness, and ambassador building industries, to generate massive profitability using an internally developed intervention that minimizes or eliminates client acquisition cost, puts zero dollars into CRM system expenditure, and ensures that companies take in the maximum profit possible. This ability to generate profit with the barest minimum in marketing expenditure has been the key to E.Z. Smith’s success and the popularity of the EZ4 Coaching System.

E.Z. Smith has spent well over a decade in business and now brings his formidable expertise into the coaching program. He has masterfully collated the sum of his experiences, documenting his proven strategies and methods into one cohesive whole that he now shares with others.

E.Z. Smith has also launched a product—Majic Wellness—in partnership with his former football teammate, Jordan Norwood. Majic Wellness is a brand of non-THC-based Cannabidiol products that relieve pain, relax the muscles and helps sharpen focus in day-to-day activities. Both entrepreneurs spared no expense in ensuring that Majic Wellness met all industry standards and that their product was vertically integrated, permanently sustainable and utilized only the best resources available.

Whether it has to do with building a business or coaching an individual, the hallmark of Smith’s persona is an uncompromising commitment to the personal, mental and physical health and improvement of all his clients. “I have seen so many shifts in advertising, marketing, and client acquisition tactics. The one thing that has always worked for me in creating a seven-figure business is organic client acquisition and using social proofing and high ticket sales to maintain massive profitability.”

In the coming years, E.Z. Smith aims to keep working with as many high-level executors as possible frequently and continuing to help clients create massive wins daily.

To learn more about the EZ4 Coaching System and Majic Wellness, visit Instagram or check out the official website.

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