Gifted and Versatile Independent Artist Sarah Tromley Releases Riveting New Single “In Too Deep”

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Breaking into the music scene is no easy feat. With so many aspiring individuals hoping to make it big, the competition is extremely fierce. However, one outstanding musician is making waves for her exquisite artistry: Sarah Tromley.

The gifted singer hails from Portland and now resides in Los Angeles. She has effortlessly captured the attention of music lovers and fans through her passionate performances. Moreover, the young woman is known for bringing to the surface poignant emotions in her covers as well as the perfect nuisances for her original songs. 

On top of her emotional edge, the remarkable artist also stands out for her originality and versatility. She is able to flawlessly adapt to various genres, which is why she has earned the title of a musical chameleon. Furthermore, unlike others, she creatively embraces her femininity, sexuality, and pure vulnerability. She even said, “I think other artists miss the mark in just being free and sensitive. My brand is the conscious artist who leans into the pain of her world and heals before your eyes while being active in it all.”

Sarah Tromley is an independent artist who actively collaborates with other professionals in the music scene. Recently, she worked with the brilliant people from HitCo Music for her upcoming releases. In addition, she collaborated with industry authority Kuk Harrell’s talented team of writers and engineers, including Jelli Dorman, who is credited for her award-winning work with Lil Nas X, Normani, and Cardi B.

Not only that but her next single, “In Too Deep,” is co-written by TikTok sensation and music talent Francis Karel. The inspiring track is an anthem of hope and persistence in the face of chasing one’s dream. As the songstress proudly explained, “I’m so excited for everyone to hear this part of my story. A journey through my years of anxiety and disillusion with the city and this industry.”

There is no doubt that Sarah Tromley is one of her generation’s most promising musicians. Her individuality and love for her craft allow her to produce captivating creations. When asked what motivates her to pursue a career in music, she insightfully replied, “I’ve had lots of inspiration to pursue my art. Mainly growing up with music in my ear always. Influenced by early icons introduced by my parents all the way to my own personal favorites like Amy Winehouse, Bon Iver and Lady Gaga, blending sultry sounds with a soulful style.”

The future is certainly looking bright for the highly talented artist. Moving forward, she sees herself breaking into the mainstream music scene and becoming a household name. Additionally, she plans to create brand extensions through collars and product developments with her name attached. 

Above all, she intends to continue honing her craft and passion for music. She hopes to go on tours and perform in front of her dedicated fanbase. Above all, she aims to become an inspiration for her fellow female artists to keep pushing the boundaries of the music scene as a whole.


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