Meet the Man Making Restaurant Owners Rich in 2024

Meet the Man Making Restaurant Owners Rich in 2024
Photo Courtesy: Raging Agency

By: Maria Williams

In the bustling restaurant industry, competition is fierce. However, success is within reach for those who navigate it strategically. Alex Evans is making a notable difference in this arena with his innovative approach to restaurant marketing.

As the founder of Raging Agency, Alex brings a wealth of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. His educational background in Brand Management and Advertising equips him with the tools needed to elevate restaurants to new heights. Known for his digital marketing expertise, Alex is transforming how restaurants market themselves in 2024.

According to Alex, the secret to a thriving restaurant lies in creating a marketing strategy that prioritizes bringing new faces into the dining room. Under his leadership, Raging Agency does away with generic marketing plans, opting for customized strategies that directly address each restaurant’s specific challenges and opportunities. This approach has been tested and proven to be the main driver behind Mad Chicken‘s multi-regional expansion strategy, which Alex has helped multiply to 25+ locations. 

Raging Agency also has a big win with Chubby’s Cheesesteaks. They boosted Chubby’s monthly earnings from $50K to over $236K in just 17 months. How? By improving Chubby’s marketing skills, pushing them to use new tech, and working on two key things: getting Chubby’s noticed more online and making people feel great about their brand. Alex and his team’s efforts made Chubby’s earn more and become famous locally. 

Unique in its offerings, Raging Agency employs the proprietary 100K Restaurant Accelerator system, setting it apart from competitors’ one-size-fits-all solutions. 

The 100K system was designed for restaurants ready to grow and open new locations. This system helps them ensure every new spot is as popular as their flagship location, providing a clear scaling-up plan. This means owners can look forward to more customers, better sales, and loyal fans across all their restaurants. This is thanks to reliable smart marketing.

Driven by a passion for the restaurant industry and informed by mentors, including Donato Salvo, Alex and his team’s strategic focus positions Raging Agency as an essential partner for restaurant success. 

With roots in the Midwest and expanding to Miami, FL, Raging Agency has partnered with establishments such as “Dos Croquetas” and “Syndicate Wynwood,” proving the success of its marketing strategies.

Looking ahead, Raging Agency is creating new ways to help restaurants better keep in touch with their customers. Since social media can change a lot, the team is working on making unique customer lists. This plan will help restaurants talk directly to their customers without worrying about social media changes. By having their customer lists and ways to reach out directly, Raging Agency is helping restaurants connect with their customers in a more innovative way.

Alex Evans and Raging Agency offer a pathway to success for restaurant owners eager to attract 500 new customers in the next 60 days. To learn more, visit For direct insights and personalized advice, connect with Alex on Instagram @alexevans997. This is an opportunity for restaurant owners to achieve their dreams and potentially secure a prosperous future.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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