March 4, 2024
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Ray Corral and Mosaicist Inc. Delivering Remarkable Art Forms in the Real World

Art, beyond being a form of expression, has been an integral part of interior and exterior decoration for centuries. Many notable properties, buildings and structures feature a wide variety of artwork, which add to their beauty and uniqueness. With different forms and types of art in the world today, one art form that many either do not know about or pay attention to is mosaic art, which is one of the oldest art forms used to improve aesthetics, beautify and make profound statements. Mosaicist Inc. is a company that specializes in this art form and is sharing it with the world..

Founded by Ray Corral, Mosaicist Inc. is an award-winning firm in Miami, Florida and the only company in the United States that designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of mosaic art pieces. The company’s reputation as a the go-to and top company offering high-quality mosaic craftsmanship with remarkable lead times is a result of the quality work it has offered since its inception. 

Mosaicist Inc. has operated for over thirty years and created outstanding mosaic designs and artworks for a wide variety of clients like commercial projects, churches, city projects and swimming pools. The company creates this art for mostly swimming pools while 20% of its projects are for religious bodies and murals.

The success that Mosaicist Inc. has enjoyed over the years is due to its visionary founder’s dream and ability. Ray Corral’s vision is to maintain consistent quality and level of attention for all projects from the design phase to manufacturing and final installation. He has ensured that the company handles every stage in-house, thus, making sure clients have to deal with only the team at Mosaicist Inc. and nobody else. The team of experienced designers, artists and mosaics installers ensured that clients get the desired looks on their projects while delivering glowing, standout, remarkable architectural art.

Mosaicist Inc. has served thousands of clients all over the United States and other places like London, Russia, Switzerland, Cyprus and the Caribbean. The company’s personalized services have set it apart in the industry and its founder, Ray Corral, believes that a design company should always create unique, exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs instead of following similar patterns. Ray makes sure this philosophy reflects in the designs Mosaicist Inc. creates; thus, giving clients something new and fresh to drool over at every turn.

Being the only company in the United States offering end-to-end mosaic art services, Mosaicist Inc. maintains the highest level of quality in its methods, materials and authenticity of its processes. Every project is spearheaded by expert art installers with decades of experience.

Over the next few years, Ray Corral’s goal is to expand his team and grow the company to have a global presence. He hopes to see Mosaicist Inc. reach every corner of the globe and show the whole world what mosaic craftsmanship means and how it can be implemented in various designs.

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