Reunion of the kings stage show Friday Dec 22, 2023 at The Garden in Lauderdale Lakes, in South Florida

Reunion of the kings stage show Friday Dec 22, 2023 at The Garden in Lauderdale Lakes, in South Florida
Photo Credited to: Big Dreamz Promotions | Hilltopz Entertainment | Da Global Base

In the heart of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, the echoes of a riveting musical revival are about to transform the bustling cityscape on December 22, 2023. Renowned powerhouses Big Dreamz Productions, Hill Topz Entertainment, and Da Global Base are set to host the Reunion of the Kings, a dancehall sensation bringing together legendary performers and the passionate culture of reggae music.

Held at The Garden, located at 4340 N State Rd 7, South Florida will become the crescendo of an unforgettable stage show that has been a dream in the making since 2015. The organizers have drawn inspiration from their love for retro music, particularly the golden era of reggae dating back to the 1980s when it first emerged as a powerful, entrancing genre of music. Doors will swing open at 8:00 PM with the spectacle starting at 11:00 PM, and with early bird tickets priced at $65 and door tickets at $80, this show promises a unique experience worth every penny.

The event features an awe-inspiring lineup of artists who ruled the 80s dancehall scene and continue to remain relevant today. Legendary artists Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Little John, Professor Nuts, Willow Wilson, and Courtney Melody form the pillar of performances for this show.

These artists exemplify the classic elements of the dancehall sub-genre, bringing authenticity to the reggae music scene. They were instrumental in shaping the sound system culture, putting dancehall on the map not just in their native Jamaica but across the globe. Each of these artists has left an indelible mark, and their live performances illuminate the roots from where the current generation of reggae artists draw inspiration.

Spearheading this movement is Josey Wales, an artist whose contributions to dancehall are unparalleled. He has represented, preserved, and evolved dancehall music, thereby laying the groundwork for the sound system culture in which today’s dancehall artists thrive. Attending the show might feel akin to taking a riveting journey back to the roots of reggae.

The evening will be vibrant, with beloved DJ King Waggy T, DJ Radcliffe, and C Roy “The Entertainment” spinning their magic while Jah Wise adds the much-needed comic relief. The audience can expect an eclectic mix of reggae essentials, dancehall trends, and innovative mixes, designed to transport them to Jamaica’s flavorful, nostalgic 80s.

The Reunion of the Kings stage show is targeted towards music enthusiasts who admire the authenticity and vibes of reggae and dancehall music. It’s also an invitation to anyone who wishes to experience a distinctive cultural flavor, a sort of time-clasp that blends the rich, original rhythm of the past with the dynamic and vibrant presence of the reggae music scene.

Big Dreamz Productions, Hill Topz Entertainment, and Da Global Base have been committed to creating platforms that showcase the essence and depth of reggae and dancehall music. As a testament to their commitment, The Garden will become the meeting point, the melting pot where the roots of music embrace the present, shaping the future of the dancehall scene.

Prepare for an evening that stands to be much more than a concert. It’s a cultural, musical spectacle that celebrates reggae’s evolution while honoring its legends. The Reunion of the Kings promises to be a groundbreaking event firmly etching December 22, 2023, into reggae-dancehall history.

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