You Cannot Do a Kindness Too Soon

You Cannot Do a Kindness Too Soon
Photo Credit: Adam Ayash, Photo Owned by Robert J. Smith

By: Jeannie Nelson

In the closing chapter of 2023, the Angeline Academy of Innovations found itself graced with the esteemed presence of Robert J. Smith, MBA, Ph.D. Championing the subject of ‘Authority,’ the Founding Member of the Cialdini Institute, Smith captured the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs. The invitation extended by Chad Mallo, the Academy’s Teacher of the Year, upon the glowing recommendation of parent J.J. Kubski, proved immensely fruitful. Being well acquainted with Dr. Smith’s staggering body of work, Kubski cited him as the perfect fit for the newly introduced Entrepreneurship program at the academy.

Dr. Smith is not just the prolific CEO of Smith Profits, Smith Comics, and Robert J. Smith Productions; he personifies the art of giving back. His reputation extends to being a dedicated volunteer for over four decades as he nurtures young minds in the field of complex financial planning, writing, and entrepreneurship. By utilizing clear and digestible terms, Smith ensures that these intricate business and educational concepts are easily accessible to all.

His charisma and real-world wisdom have also seen him coaching students in public speaking and judging oration contests. These talents are strongly reflected in his forthcoming role as the judge of the Entrepreneurship competition at The Angeline Academy. Often, the bustling stands of the Orange County Convention Center bear witness to Dr. Smith’s role in encouraging the entrepreneurial spirits of the coming generations.

Dr. Smith’s impact stretches beyond the realms of finance and entrepreneurship. He has been instrumental in building the writing skills of children across a wide age spectrum in the Pinellas, Pasco, Orange County, and Florida School Districts and has done so through a delightful mix of innovative teaching techniques. His comic books and animations like SHORT ATTENTION SPAN DAN and THE ADVENTURES OF INSURANCEMAN are not just entertainment pieces but creative tools that help young minds grasp complex concepts.

His highly effective teaching methodology has led students to excel beyond just academics. Many have leveraged these master’s degree-level teachings to uplift their essay writing skills, elevate test scores, and even branch out into creating comics, stories, and music.

Reflecting on the essence of his brand, Dr. Smith offers the profound quote, “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The words echo the work he does in the realm of education and demonstrate his belief in the power of imparting knowledge to Florida’s youth.

A visit to his professional profiles on the internet, including his personal website and professional accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Forbes Expert Panels and articles, along with his personal and production company profiles in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), paints a vivid picture of not just a successful business magnate and innovative educator, but also a man dedicated to returning his immense learning to society.

Feedback from both parents and students indicates that lives have been enriched because of Dr. Smith’s efforts. His blend of practical expertise in academia could be seen as a significant contribution to the Angeline Academy of Innovations’ Entrepreneurship Program.

As we usher in a new year, we celebrate the significant impact of educators like Dr. Robert J. Smith. A man whose monumental effort to contribute to society by investing time and sharing valuable knowledge with its youngest members will be an inspiration for current and future educators alike. Through his tireless dedication to the youth of the State of Florida and beyond, he embodies the truth of Emerson’s words, further driving home the importance of kindness delivered without hesitation.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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