Protein powder

Protein powder: What does it do to your health

Especially as they age or attempt to develop muscle mass, many people take protein powder supplements. Are they justified for taking? Now that protein powder use has surpassed the realm of professional athletes and bodybuilders, it seems relevant to review the studies on this topic.



The biggest winners at the Oscars 2023

Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian woman to win best actress after “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” did a clean sweep at the Oscars. The incredible multiverse journey received

Kanye: Skechers told rapper to leave

Ye, also known as Kanye West, came up “unannounced and uninvited” at the corporate offices of Los Angeles-based shoe company Skechers. This forced the company to escort him out



Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is ready for Web3

Is China’s stance on cryptocurrency a watershed moment? Tencent Cloud’s recent behavior indicates as much. Tencent Cloud will make an unexpected investment in web3-related