April 16, 2024
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10th Win for “Gorgeous AL” in Delray Boxing Match

On Saturday, October 8th, Alvin “Gorgeous AL” Davie, an American professional boxer in the Cruiserweight division, fought in his 10th professional boxing bout at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. He is a former USA Boxing Top 10 Heavyweight and three-time FL Golden Glove winner who has been on fire in his pro boxing career. 

Usually, the Delray courts are filled with backhand shots from some of the top tennis talents from all over the world, but this past Saturday, punches were being thrown by some of the best up-and-coming prospects in boxing. Some of the tennis greats to have graced the courts in the past include the Williams sisters, Andy Roddick, and Naomi Osaka. Numerous celebrities also like to play matches at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, such as Gavin Rossdale and Jeffrey Donovan. Every year, they host the Delray Beach Open, a ten-day event that combines APT 250 and APT Champions Tour Legends. They welcome over 60,000 spectators, as well as host corporate events, amateur tennis tournaments, live music performances, and social events. 

The show, promoted by Black Sheep Boxing Promotions, also had a few all-time greats in attendance to watch the up-and-coming talent, from the likes of an all-time great “The Iron” Mike Tyson. The show also had in attendance Adrian Broner, Anthony Dirrell, and many more world-champion boxers. Alvin “Gorgeous AL Davie” opened the show, walking out in a custom upcycled pair of boxing trunks designed by Radmila Lolly. The shorts were upcycled from Miami Heat jerseys, using jerseys from #33 (Alonzo Mourning) and #10 (Tim Hardaway), some of Alvin’s Miami Heat idols. The outfit was a wonderful meeting of fashion, boxing, and basketball all in one. Gorgeous AL made quick work out of his opponent, stopping him by TKO at the 1:20 mark of the second round. 

Alvin “Gorgeous AL” Davie

Davie, a St. Louis native, currently resides in Miami while preparing for his matches throughout the world. Alvin has been chief sparring partners to the likes of Louis “King Kong” Ortiz, Antonio “The Magic Man” Tarver, David “Heaymaker” Heay and many more. Davie’s fan-friendly fighting style and charming social media presence have allowed him to build a devoted following and granted him opportunities to work with premier brands including Puma, Chivas, NIKE, and Gatorade to name a few. Audiences across the country are excited to watch what Gorgeous AL will do next.  

Photo Credit: Gilbran Laureano Jr. 

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