April 16, 2024
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Advanced Programming Systems Contributing to the Universal Health

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

More and more people see the value of better health and wellness, but not everyone knows how to get there. With the help of organizations like Advanced Programming Systems, universal health becomes a little more attainable every day.

The founders of Advanced Programming Systems saw one central pain point that needed a solution. They offer those in the health and fitness space to truly understand human physiology and help their clientele achieve a complete embodiment of health. This effective program was inspired by the rapid decline in the nation’s health and seeing how underprepared most personal trainers and coaches are to tackle that issue. They offer those in the health and wellness space simple solutions to complex situations, along with education and support.

There have been so many costly mentorship programs. Though they have helped many people, they have ultimately had a flaw. When you buy an all-in-one mentorship program, one does not get to choose the things they need help with. People are forced to go through the entire thing and either get left behind or forced to wait. 

The program is best for coaches who optimize their systems while working less. The development of APS was essential due to this critical flaw in the system. Trainers and coaches need a system in place for continued education, new programming, client management, retention, and more. 

A few years from now, they see the program collaborating with thousands of like-minded, research-based coaches in the APS Social Community to help one another become the best versions of themselves by sharing their experiences, failures, wins and solutions to any problems they may have. 

“In 5 years, we hope to revolutionize the way personal trainers, coaches AND clients perceive health and fitness,” says one of the core members of APS.

They are also looking at someday hosting seminars in the Caribbean with elite-level, expert coaches teaching participants everything from biomechanics, sales, business development and everything in between.

“That’s the difference between other brands and us. We don’t create what we think people want to learn. Instead, we ask people what they want to learn, and we build top-level courses that are fun and extremely easy to implement,”  adds one of the founders. 

Most personal trainers, coaches, and fitness professionals are in this industry because they are passionate about what they do. Unfortunately, the education system around health, wellness, and fitness is flawed and broken. The personal training industry is projected to experience exponential growth at 39% in the next eight years, and APS is here to make sure the industry is prepared to tackle that growth.

This program aims to build the most extensive, most experienced library of courses created by experts in their respective fields. Their program will help people learn biomechanics and programming from doctors who have taken hundreds to thousands of hours of biomechanics, anatomy, biology and cellular physiology. In addition, Advanced Programming Systems hopes to create a lasting impact on their community members’ lives.

“The biggest difference between other brands and us is when you learn something from APS, you’ll be learning from one of the nation’s top experts in that field,” says one of the core members of APS. 

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