April 15, 2024
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Alec Delpuech Simplifying Business Funding and Growth through Legacy Strong

Business funding is often the final missing piece a revolutionary entrepreneur needs to embark on a life-changing venture to transform their finances and their future. Alec Delpuech has walked that path and is now committed to making it easier for others through his educational company, Legacy Strong.

A strong passion for business is not enough for Alec Delpuech, which he believes can only be fueled with adequate business funding to launch and grow. Earlier on his entrepreneurship journey, he was living paycheck to paycheck despite working a corporate job as a Director of Business Development at an international fitness company. He knew that with adequate funding, he would be able to build and grow his business. Thus, when he discovered the power of business credit and the things he could achieve with it as an entrepreneur, his life and story have never been the same. It took unlocking $250,000 of business funding at zero percent interest to make him see the possibilities that many entrepreneurs were not exploring.

Having enjoyed a respectable level of success with two different six-figure businesses and now in full control of his schedule, Alec is currently helping others make a similar transformation on their entrepreneurship journeys by introducing them to how business funding can help them create a life of financial freedom and legacy. Legacy Strong teaches entrepreneurs about personal credit, business funding and travel hacking. The company helps its clients establish a fresh start, create an LLC and build a strong business credit foundation that positions them firmly for business funding which enables them to launch or scale their business or invest in passive income sources.

“We run live coaching sessions guiding our clients through all the information. It allows them to ask questions directly to the coach and take action as they learn. We go over four main pillars: personal credit and how to optimize, the business foundations such as LLCs and building the business’s credit, business funding and accessing up to $150k at 0% interest, and travel hacking which is using points to travel for huge discounts or even free. We offer personalized funding recommendations so that the clients have a step-by-step game plan for their business funding based on their own credit and business situation. And finally, we connect our clients to our relationship managers at the top banks, which allow them to maximize their funding potential,” Alec explained.

The Financial Freedom Mentorship coaching program that Legacy Strong offers is second to none. Alec also makes himself available to work with the students directly and help them secure the funding they need. His first-hand experience of going from a struggling entrepreneur to one with business funding makes him highly qualified to help his clients the way he does. So, whether it’s a recent graduate, individuals looking to transition from the corporate world or new entrepreneurs just starting out, Legacy Strong has something for everyone. “We want to help people that have the drive to create a life of financial freedom and are motivated enough to invest in themselves to make it happen. We help them master all the business fundamentals and prepare for business funding so that they can fuel their growth to never before seen levels,” Alec said.

Legacy Strong creates a deep connection with its clients and ensures they achieve their desired goals and results. So far, the knowledge that Legacy Strong provides has brought Alec’s dreams to life, and he hopes that in a few years, entrepreneurs can enter the business world, knowing fully well that business funding is not impossible. “I want to raise awareness about what is possible for others and help them achieve their dreams. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, and I was taking action to make it happen, but I had no clear path on how to get to my destination. I saw a lot of the “online gurus” that had great information but usually carried a lot of fluff. I wanted to be someone that would cut straight to the point and help others get results. My journey was not perfect, but through trial and error, education, and eventual mastery, I can now help others fast track their journey and avoid the mistakes I made,” Alec said.

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