Alex Ayub Helps Real Estate Professionals Build Their Brands and Boost Sales in 2022

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For real estate agents and brokers trying to make an impact in the online marketplace, establishing their digital authority can be a nearly impossible task. And with the consumer journey shifting in 2022, it is more important than ever to become a presence online.

Alex Ayub is on a mission to help real estate professionals build digital credibility and leverage their reputation online—a process that leads to impressive brand growth, stronger consumer trust and loyalty, and increased revenue.

By combining the power of digital platforms and the burgeoning impact of social media, Ayub is disrupting the traditional marketing paradigm while driving their clients to unprecedented growth online.

Ayub and his team analyze a client’s online authority across 8 of the most influential platforms for real estate agents and brokers:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Zillow

Based on a careful analysis of these 8 sites, Ayub and his team assign an overall score to the real estate professional or agency. From that starting point, they can begin to prepare a customized digital marketing strategy that addresses all of the key areas of online reputation management. It is a system that has delivered tremendous results to their clients. 

One innovation that is leading the way for real estate professionals is their digital business card—The Instacard. Moving away from the traditional business card, the Instacard contains all of the agent’s contact information in one convenient location. More than that, it also shows the agent’s background, experience, and reviews across digital platforms, providing an all-in-one profile that clients can review from the convenience of their mobile device.

By continuing to push boundaries in the digital marketplace, Ayub and his team allow real estate professionals the freedom to focus on their essential business with the confidence knowing that their online reputation is strong. In doing so, they address one of the most pressing problems for real estate professionals: In a crowded industry, it can be difficult to separate themselves from the field. 

As Ayub explains, the shift in the consumer journey in 2022 has made it almost impossible to gain traction in the industry without a solid online reputation.

“Any type of person, whether they are going to do business with you or not, while they are in the consideration process, the first thing they do is jump online, where they have infinite information available on Google,” Ayub says.

The shift from traditional search strategies, even word of mouth, has been overtaken by digital marketing, Ayub explains.

“With the global pandemic, it has shifted even more—the focus has gone straight to digital.”

By working with real estate professionals across the country to establish and manage their online reputation, Ayub and Real Grader help driven agents and brokers break through the information overload and stand apart in a crowded marketplace. And for Ayub, that is what it is all about.

“In 2022, it’s all about how to build your digital credibility,” Ayub says. “And then once you’re ready, you can leverage your strong reputation online.”

For real estate professionals looking to meet consumers where they are in their journey, establish a strong digital presence, and leverage their online reputation into brand and business growth, Alex Ayub and Real Grader have the key to unlock success.

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