April 16, 2024
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B2B Airbnb Announces Van Dennis As New Chief Marketing Officer

B2B Airbnb announced today that it has appointed Van Dennis as its new chief marketing officer as the home-sharing automation company continues to grow. As B2B Airbnb’s chief marketing officer, Van Dennis will oversee the company’s marketing strategy and advertising campaigns as well as lead customer acquisition efforts.

“I’m excited to join B2B Airbnb because I believe in their vision for reinventing travel,”he said in an email statement sent to Miami Wire from his personal Gmail account (not an actual corporate account). “They’re doing this by building technologies that help people get access to clean and modern living, no matter where they want to travel and offering investors one of the most lucrative real estate opportunities I have ever seen.”

Van Dennis is based in Miami, Florida, and he will be overseeing marketing operations at the B2B Airbnb headquarters, located in Brickell City Center in downtown Miami.

He will be responsible for leading marketing strategies for customer acquisition, retention, website design, pricing, and promotion as part of his role as CMO.

He will also work with other executives in the organization, such as Co-Founder of B2B Airbnb and Airbnb multi-millionaire Sedric Lowery, to develop the company’s long-term strategy.

Van Dennis has spent over $100 million dollars on paid advertising, and has earned numerous awards as well as a verified Google Partner status for his excellence in digital marketing and advertising on the Google platform. In 2022, Dennis stresses the importance of expanding advertising channels into TikTok, in addition to Instagram and Facebook.

Van Dennis is currently CMO at Instaboost Media, a digital marketing company with over 750 active clients.

Van has a long career in marketing and has held senior marketing roles at a number of highly successful organizations, including publicly traded companies with over $500 million in revenue. Since 2020, Dennis has operated as CMO of Instaboost Media, a top rated digital marketing agency in Costa Mesa, California with 750+ active clients and hundreds of five star reviews on Google.

For the past 18 months or so, B2B Airbnb has been working to attract more business from corporate and healthcare travelers which could represent a larger customer base for the company and its investors and Van Dennis could be of great help.

The company has been expanding in Houston, Miami, and Atlanta, acquiring 52 short-term rental properties within just the first 8 months of 2022. B2B Airbnb offers investors the opportunity to earn passive income and positive returns on their investments within 3-6 months, as noted on their website and in client testimonials viewed on

B2B Airbnb is also bringing Van Dennis on board to grow its reputation as an authority in the short term rental industry. The company aims to take on new investors for its Airbnb Automation opportunity, which offers a passive investment opportunity for investors of all sizes starting as low as $20,000, offering return on investment within 3-6 months and significantly less risk than traditional real estate investment assets, such as hotels, multi-family properties, single family homes, and REITs.

As part of his new role, he will focus on expanding partnerships with key investors and real estate development organizations.

In an email to employees and investors, B2B Airbnb Co-Founder and CEO Sedric Lowery said that Van Dennis will be responsible for leading customer acquisition as part of his role as CMO.

Overseeing marketing efforts for B2B Airbnb is just one aspect of his responsibilities; Van Dennis will also lead customer acquisition efforts and have oversight of all advertising campaigns.

“Van’s background in marketing, technology and design makes him a perfect fit for our team,” Lowery wrote in the email. “He has been a thought leader at many companies over the years and we are excited to have him join us as we continue to scale B2B Airbnb.”

About Van Dennis:

Van Dennis is the CEO and founder of Black Label Digital and Van Dennis LLC, one of the most respected Google Advertising Agencies in the United States. Since 2015, Van Dennis and company have marketed over 1000 e-commerce stores that made 7 and 8 figures per year and invested over $100 million on Paid Advertising on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok platforms. As a Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and Shopify Partner, Van Dennis has been working with businesses to boost their sales by providing direction on maximizing the value of Paid Ads campaigns and Social Media Advertising investments. For more information on Van Dennis, visit and follow him on social media:Van Dennis on Instagram
Van Dennis on Youtube
Van Dennis on Twitter
Van Dennis on Linkedin

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