April 16, 2024
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Bearbottom Clothing Kicks Off Summer with New Adventure-Ready Swimwear

Bearbottom Clothing Kicks Off Summer with New Adventure-Ready Swimwear
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If the adventures you have planned for this summer involve the water, Bearbottom clothing has you covered. Its 2023 line of adventure-ready swimwear for men will make sure you look great and feel great whether you are boating, surfing, swimming, or simply sitting by the pool.

For nearly a decade, Bearbottom has been providing men with quality clothing that they can be proud to wear. Not only is it fashionable, but it also includes the performance features you need to be ready for any adventure.

“We put 100 percent into everything we do, so that those who wear the Bearbottom brand don’t need to worry about anything,” says Robert Felder, founder of Bearbottom Clothing. “Everything we make is meticulously wear-tested by our entire team. We truly care about every little detail.”

Bearbottom’s stretch swim is fashion that lasts 

Bright colors and bold patterns from the 1980s are making a comeback this summer, a trend that some say has been inspired by the popularity of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things.” Visit the “New Arrivals” page of Bearbottom’s website and you’ll find those colors and patterns.

Bearbottom’s Stretch Swim trunk, for example, comes in more than a dozen eye-catching patterns, including the “Voltage,” “Groovy,” and “Rhythm.” Those who want a design that is not quite so bright will love the “Island Shade,” “Clearwater,” and “Bonita” patterns, which blend softer colors with pleasing nature patterns.

The Stretch Swim also tracks with the latest trends in men’s trunks by providing a short inseam option. The Stretch Swim can be purchased in either a 5.5-inch or a 7-inch inseam.

As with all of Bearbottom’s products, the Stretch Swim has adventure-ready features like 4-way stretch fabric and durable water-repellent treatment that allows them to dry in a hurry. The comfort mesh liner was designed to provide zero-chafe and wedgie-free wearability.

While Bearbottom is committed to keeping its fans in fashion, it also believes in providing a product that lasts longer than one season. “Part of our mission at Bearbottom is crafting products that you can wear today and in the future,” Felder says. “Our designs are not built on trends that only last a season. The Stretch Short is one of the first products we launched, but it continues to be one of our best-selling products. We designed it to be what we call a ‘core product,’ which gives customers their money’s worth, not just in style but also in product lifetime.”

The Stretch Swim has thousands of positive reviews on the Bearbottom website, many of which refer to them as great fitting, comfortable, and stylish. One glowing review says, “Much like everything I’ve purchased from these guys, these swim trunks are awesome!” 

Bearbottom introduces board shorts for 2023

The Board Short is a new arrival to the Bearbottom line that also makes a bold statement. While its colors aren’t as bright as those you’ll find on the Stretch Swim, the patterns are sure to stand out. The “Tropics” design blends blues and grays in a high-contrast pattern while the “Sahara” captures the horizontal lines of desert dunes.

Bearbottom’s Board Shorts are designed for performance, with an 8-inch inseam and back-elastic waistband. It also provides a hook-and-loop back pocket with a key loop.

The Board Short is already starting to collect great reviews, which call it “super comfy,” a “great fit,” and “flattering even with a dad bod.” One reviewer informed Bearbottom that he will “definitely be wearing these all summer.”

Bearbottom is committed to fashion and community

The style and quality that Bearbottom delivers is not the only reason to feel good about purchasing the company’s products. Those who support the brand also support its commitment to give back to communities in need.

“I was inspired to create Bearbottom in 2012 when I visited Bangladesh for the first time as a high school student,” Felder shares. “I saw first-hand the need for quality jobs and basic necessities like clothing. I returned home with a desire to make an impact.”

Bearbottom is making that impact through a variety of initiatives, including its buy-one-give-one business model. For every item the company sells, it donates a meal to a school child in India. To date, the buy-one-give-one model has contributed more than 700,000 meals.

Supporting sustainability efforts is another way that Bearbottom gives back. “I’m excited to be a part of the push toward eco-friendly fabrics that we are seeing emerge in the fashion industry,” Felder says. “I traveled to India to see first-hand the process they use there to convert post-consumer plastics into fabrics. What I learned has allowed me to make better-informed decisions on moving Bearbottom in a more eco-friendly direction.”

Bearbottom is backflip-ready

Those who doubt that Bearbottom provides comfort, style, and durability should look to TikTok, where Bearbottom fans have shared hundreds of videos showing how well the brand performs. One recent video was posted by an adventurer who was on the hunt for a durable board short that could stand the test of time.

After showing himself wearing the “Sahara” pattern Board Shorts to execute a perfect backflip on his jet ski, the TikToker reported that the shorts will “withstand whatever you put them through.” He also said he would be ordering the “Tropic” print next.

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