Beauty, Brains, and Bravery: How Dhana Bunel Came Out Successful in Life

Beauty, Brains, and Bravery- How Dhana Bunel Came Out Successful in Life
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By: Robert Craig

The concept of the ideal woman has evolved significantly throughout history. Today, we celebrate a more multifaceted ideal: a woman who embodies beauty, brains, and bravery.

However, these three traits are not mutually exclusive. A woman can be beautiful and intelligent, strong and compassionate. The synergy of these qualities creates a genuinely empowered and inspiring modern woman. They allow her to navigate the complexities of life, achieve her goals, and leave a lasting positive mark on the world.

Just look at fashion model and influencer Dhana Bunel. She went from a woman struggling with motherhood to becoming a significant influencer who challenges stereotypes and inspires women to take charge of their destinies. 

Dhana leveraged her experience as a fashion model to share jaw-dropping outfits on her Instagram account. Her followers, especially women and mothers, saw the confidence she exuded and wondered how they could replicate Dhana’s poise. 

Yet Dhana’s confidence is something she developed over time, building its foundation brick by brick. 

“The biggest challenge that I had to face was becoming a mom. As happy and expected as this was, it was at the same time the biggest challenge I have ever had to overcome,” she said, adding that it’s still something she continues to learn from. 

As she was raising her son, she realized that being a parent responsible for the survival of another human being is terrifying. But as she poured herself into caring for her child, she lost her trust in herself because motherhood took the best parts of who she was. 

“I decided to stop working to take care of my precious son, and I lost a significant part of my career,” Dhana shared. 

Motherhood should have been a memorable experience for Dhana, but it soon became difficult for her to embrace. Still, she didn’t want this opportunity marred by negative experiences. She opted to rekindle her former passions to rebuild her identity. 

“Fashion has always been one alongside dancing. So, I decided to have a seasonal lifestyle with my new audience,” the influencer said. 

Through fashion- forward ideas, Dhana discovered a whole new world and a new way to communicate, create, and connect with other people across the globe. 

“I also started discovering new people, and they became my friends, especially women and moms. I decided to create something original but factoring in what is important for moms. In the main, all moms and women enjoy, love, and get empowered through my sense of fashion and lifestyle,” Dhana added.

Eventually, Dhana learned to love herself and became brave enough to break free from her comfort zone. 

She also started her own catering company, Chez Graze, which creates beautiful and mouth-watering charcuterie boards and table setups for various occasions to delight food enthusiasts of all ages. Yet the most significant concept behind Chez Graze is how it empowers other women by giving them an honest livelihood. 

“I want to help other women to become financially independent and successful on their own. I also want to be able to make a difference in this unbalanced world,” Dhana shared. “I am putting the first stones for something that can build new foundations in this deceptive economy and help mothers and entire families to win their life with Chez Graze.” 

Losing oneself and learning to love anew requires guts. Although it took some time, Dhana embraced herself and her body again. While rebuilding her identity, she created a community of women who built each other up. 

Dhana demonstrates how beauty, brains, and bravery can propel a woman to significant success. 

As she continues empowering other women, Dhana plans to leverage her social media platforms further to widen her reach and encourage more women to lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles. 

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