Brandon Pearce on Revolutionizing the Financial and Credit Industry through New Elite Financial

There is no greater cause than the cause to help people, and Brandon Pearce takes great pride in his ability to impact the lives of others positively. While other people find ways through the scientific and medical fields, Brandon helps people financially. Through his company New Elite Financials, he has been able to make a difference.

Brandon Pearce’s ability to help others is the product of his years underwriting for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. However, his expertise was taken to a new level when he worked for collections companies. When he realized that he had more than enough knowledge and experience to make a greater impact on others, Brandon delved into entrepreneurship to build a more robust platform to help people.

“I am a serial entrepreneur who has been able to leverage credit and move like water in different sectors like real estate and car rental companies, “Brandon explained, “I have helped fund startups, sole proprietors, and big businesses that bring in multiple 7 and 8 figures a year.”

Brandon’s new venture culminated in the birth of New Elite Financials in 2009. Operating for over a decade, New Elite Financial specializes in helping people reach financial literacy and financial freedom with good credit. Brandon and his company help secure personal and business funding at 0% for two years and cater to people with bad credit by helping them repair their credit. New Elite Financials is known for being one of the top 10 fastest growing funding companies in the midwest and top 5 credit repair companies.

“We are a results-based company,” said New Elite Financial founder and CEO Brandon Pearce, “Unlike most companies, we offer affordable prices for anyone who wants to level up their life.”

New Elite Financials is renowned for its funding and credit repair service, providing people fundings from $100,000 to $500,000 at a turnaround of two weeks. In addition, the company provides acquisition fees based on results, collecting 10% of the overall funding at the end rather than upfront. “We believe in under-promising and over-delivering,” said Brandon. The company also removes inquiries within 24 hours to help maximize clients’ funding potential. 

The company also delivers an incredible 99.9% success rate, owing to its access to proprietary, cutting-edge technology, and money-back guarantee. New Elite Financials is part of the 3% of credit repair companies that do not dispute, operating at a pace that processes 3 to 4 times faster, finishing in less than 1 or 2 years. Additionally, Brandon implements a policy that their services should only be paid for if they yield results. “We remove every single derogatory remark from people’s credit report, giving them a second chance in life.”

While Brandon Pearce has already made a significant change and positively impacted the lives of his clients, he foresees his services going even further. “I see myself revolutionizing the way people invest their hard-earned money by replacing their cash for credit at 0% interest,” he said, “My job is to spread awareness of what’s possible through good credit. You no longer have to be rich to make investments. You need to be informed and know that you have the same opportunity as those with bigger pockets.”

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