BruthaLuv Is Making Great Strides on Social Media as a Comedian and Actor

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Image Commercially Licensed

Social media has proven to be a place where dreams thrive, no matter the limitations and constraints in the real world. As a result, numerous talented people worldwide have made social media their oyster and gone on to become superstars right from behind their phones and computer screens. Kurtland Elliott II, also known as BruthaLuv, is one of those talents hoping to build a name off of social media and become the next big thing in comedy, film, and entertainment as a whole.

BruthaLuv is a comedian and actor on social media platforms who posts short funny video clips to make his audience laugh. The Washington DC-born actor moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland, at the age of nine and has lived there for the past seventeen years. Over the last few years, BruthaLuv and his content have gained prominence and attention from social media, earning him features, shoutouts, and recognitions from some of the most prominent social media pages and celebrities. Some of the pages that have reposted his content, thereby giving him more coverage and exposure, include TheShadeRoom, DMVDaily, WorldStar, and many others. His content has also caught the attention of celebrities like R&B singer Brandy, NFL legend Clinton Portis, R&B singer Keyshia Cole, artist Ceelo Green, actor Kel Mitchell, actor Michael Rainy, who played Tariq from Power.

While he’s working steadfastly at building a solid comedy brand on social media, BruthaLuv is currently a student at John Casablanca Acting & Modeling School. Choosing acting and comedy was not by accident for Kurtland Elliott II. He had the knack for making people laugh from a young age, both at home and school. He developed an interest in comedy when he was about six years old watching King of Comedy for the first time. Bernie Mac was a big inspiration for him, and from that point, he got immersed into the entertainment world,  quoting movie lines, performing in choirs, getting cast in stage plays and making cameos dancing in music videos.

His passion for entertainment is unmatched, and for the last few years, he has put in work to develop his brand into a bankable and marketable brand that millions of people worldwide can grow to love. He draws motivation from his challenges and is laser-focused on changing his family’s situation and channeling the things that make him sad into an outlet to make other people happy. His mom having a stroke and his dad getting his leg amputated almost derailed him, but BruthaLuv strongly believes that the show must go on no matter what.

He believes strongly in creating content that sticks. With his content mostly based on nostalgic events and recreating things that happened in the past, he believes his job is done if everyone relates with his content. In his words, “If I can make you go, ‘Man, I remember that,’ then I have done my job. My style when I create comedy is to make you feel at home or like you’ve grown up with me.”

BruthaLuv takes his craft seriously and surrounds himself with positive energy and people. He puts quality work into his content and never cuts corners with his production. “I do not mind investing in my career when necessary as I believe it’s going to come back someday. You never know what video will go viral, so I make sure everything comes out well and in high quality, too,” he said.

With plans underway to finish acting school this year, his goals for the next few years include landing a movie role and becoming more commercially successful, thereby bringing pride to his family and community. He also has his sights set on hosting a TV show or game show and getting his shot fully in Hollywood. As BruthaLuv keeps working as a comic actor, his experience on his come-up has taught him some significant life lessons he’s willing to share with other gifted and talented people.

“Whatever dream you have, go for it. Do the things YOU love. Don’t listen to the naysayers; just keep pushing and always grinding, and you’ll go a long way,” he said.


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