Bubba Dub: Meet the Texas Underground Comedy Sensation with the Jokes

There are no yardsticks in measuring talent; neither is there a metric for determining who is more talented or whose talent outweighs the other. However, by effectively harnessing their talents and putting them to use, coupled with a certain degree of work ethics, consistency, and perseverance, some individuals remain a shining light to others because of the amount of work they have put into making their talents work for them. 

When it comes to talent, the ability to make people laugh is natural. Many are born with it, but getting on the stage or in front of a camera to deliberately deliver a funny joke or content is a different ballgame that makes comedy a tedious artistic endeavor, mainly because comedians are one distasteful joke away from being booed. Bubba Dub understands the assignment, and like a boss he is, he has dedicated his life to making people laugh irrespective of pains or sorrow. 

Born Jerry Morgan, Bubba Dub, was raised in Alto, Texas (East Texas) and considered a phenom in his own right following several years of perfecting his craft. Bubba’s experience with comedy began at a young age, right from the classroom at Alto High School to his first performance on stage in 2018; Bubba has always lit up every room and set audiences on a laughing spree. Today, he has taken over the Texas underground comedy scene and is slowly working his way up the food chain. 

Best known for his “Snitching on Rogers” skits and other storylines on YouTube and Instagram, Bubba Dub is by every standard a comedic sensation with a penchant for creating funny content, which is always known to go viral.

So far in his social media exploits, Bubba’s comedic skits and videos have been used, recreated, and reposted by some entertainment and pop culture big names like 50 Cent, Slim Thug, Tekashi69, Gille the Kid, and others. Although social media has expanded Bubba’s brand visibility, his stand-up and improv comedy is what his loyal fans connect with the most.

Comedy is a craft, and comedians are known to possess the confidence to weigh in on issues, including the highly controversial ones. For example, Bubba’s delivery includes foul language and adult-rated subject matter, owing to his influences to his East Texas upbringing. 

Pre-COVID, Bubba headlined cities and states like Houston, Texarkana, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana before the world was shut down for several months. Bubba has since bounced back post-lockdown like he never took a break. In fact, he has multiple shows lined up for him in the coming weeks and months. 

Bubba Dub, in his own right, is a pop culture icon, having successfully been able to connect his comedy with the hip-hop scene, recalling his cameo in Pop Smoke’s last album, Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon. While he believes he is only just starting, appearing in movies, on bigger stages, and a more iconic venue tops his bucket list five years from now.Learn more about Bubba Dub via his website.


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