From College Basketball to building a Multi-million Dollar Social Media Agency, Alex Sattley stays Balling

Alex Sattley
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Alex Sattley is indeed the American dream poster boy. The 28-year-old former college basketball player has everyone inspired by his transition from sports to social media, a feat not many people can do. This might be because sports is viewed as a lucrative career, and starting out from college ought to set you up for life, but Alex had other plans and was brave enough to pursue his dreams.

The young entrepreneur now owns and runs a multi-million-dollar social media agency.

Alex Sattley hails from Los Angeles and grew up in Portland, Oregon, but also moved all over the country growing up. Alex played college basketball professionally but decided to stop playing sports and pursue a passion for social media. He created his agency from the ground up and turned it into one of the most profitable agencies in the Country.

Amassing this level of fame and money does not in any way change the young man’s disposition to life. He is seen as strong, humble, ready to take on more and adventure out, open to new ventures, and always about learning new things.

He recalls a life-defining experience he had when he began his business. Alex had run into an older man in the sauna of a local gym and got into a conversation. The conversation proceeded smoothly as the older man spoke about his own life to Alex. It turned out that this stranger owned the #1 racehorse in the U.S. and had pictures and medals worth over 30 M to show for it. This truly was a discovery for Sattley but what came later was more profound. The older man manifested the life he now lived. He said, “I wanted to be old and rich when I was broke and younger, and now that I’m older and rich, I wish I was young and broke.”

When asked how he stumbled into social media, Alex said his meeting with a friend in Miami when he was on vacation changed things for him. His friend showed him a couple of platforms back in 2018 when he used to work at LAX, and that conceived an idea that led him to what he does now– social media marketing.

Blessed by association, Alex had his right-hand man and Assistant Terell move from New York to Miami to live, work and make things happen for the brand.

Like every entrepreneur in business, Alex had his own fair share of making mistakes in his first year. He explained that one of his biggest mistakes starting out was the mistake of assumption. He had accidentally miscalculated how many weeks were in a year because he assumed each month had four weeks instead of five weeks some months have. This made him, in error, calculate a lower amount of money for his employees.

He also had to understand taxes, interest rates and credit the hard way after a few bad deals. This he attributes to his poor math skills. Alex, however, also learned while making these errors the importance of social connections in good business. He learned that getting rich isn’t a solo journey. The more people around you, the easier it is to build wealth, and while you do that, you ought to remember to live in the moment.

He has since corrected these errors and has grown to make his business one that can make any person achieve a high level of income without having to market themselves on their own platforms. His model allows people to still lead private lives while growing high-income businesses on social media. 

His advice to colleagues in the business is to always travel. He believes that travel opens you up to many ideals in business that would make you stay hungry and motivate you. “Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present,” is a famous quote the entrepreneur lives by. 

Beyond business, Sattley envisions a social cause for his business to reach other young people. He wants to teach young people in their early 20s how to create a foundation for themselves in business that makes their late 20s easier.

So what’s in the future for already successful Alex? He says, “To buy ten more properties, maintain cash flow of over $29 Million.


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