April 16, 2024
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C Savyy on Self-Love and How She Champions It through Music

We live in a world that can be overcritical at times. Social media has long been void of respectful discourse as people continue to attack and bully others online. When love seems to be the scarcest resource, artist and rapper C Savyy teaches people that you can be your own source of love.

C Savyy is a female artist out of New Jersey who is breaking into radio waves as of late with her latest EP Album Last Year Being Sad, which continues to propagate on online channels. The singer has a melodic approach to rap that puts a lot of color into her original compositions. C Savyy takes after musical influences she had growing up, including Lil Durk, Future, Lil Uzi, Drake, Juice Wrld, and many more. She’s created numerous hits over the years that continue to dominate streaming charts and gather multitudes of listeners worldwide. 

The last three years have been highly productive for the artist as she has now released multiple singles and albums in a short time. Some of her records include Patient, The Introduction, Company (Keep It Real), Venue, and Misunderstood, to name a few. Her most recent release, Last Year Being Sad, contains songs like “Stronger,” “Benjamin$,” “Rockstar,” “Coco Loco,” and “For Granted (No More).”

Closest to Savyy’s heart is a message of self-love. She grew up in an environment that was far from ideal. Consequently, she has had to deal with many heartbreaks and challenges, learning to fend for herself and build self-sufficiency. As an artist and a person, she believes in the importance of self-acceptance and being okay first with yourself and letting anyone’s affirmation be nothing more than a bonus. 

In a day and age where the media wants you to believe that other people’s opinions of you matter gravely, C Savyy goes against the grain and professes a counter-message. “I love myself so much because I had to learn to,” the artist explains. “ It didn’t happen overnight. I’m unique because I know my purpose is different. I was made to change the world, and I’m going to stick by that.” Today C Savyy is on a mission to speak goodness and life to others through her music.

Despite various failings in the past, C Savyy isn’t afraid to take risks. Failure is her motivation as she converts her mistakes into fuel and fire that ignites the music within her. Savyy would turn that disadvantage into a stepping stone when she grew up around doubt, looking forward to the day that she would prove her naysayers wrong.

“Keep doubting me, and I will continue to achieve everything you said I couldn’t,” she adds.  Today, that day is here, but she remains hungrier than ever.

C Savyy looks forward to the day that she gets to do what she loves most for a living and continues to manifest that reality into being daily. She remains adamant in her desire to keep creating music and inspire people along the way with her message and example. 

To learn more about C Savyy and listen to her music, visit her Instagram and Spotify profiles.

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