March 4, 2024
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Calusa Coffee Roasters Sharing the Love of Coffee through Well-made Coffee Roasts

Running a business that one has a passion for is one of the recipes for success. Calusa Coffee Roasters was founded on passion, knowledge, expertise and making a difference. 

Founded by Luis Arteaga, Calusa Coffee Roasters was established as a wholesale-only business that captured the attention of many, further evolving into an enterprise for the people in multiple dimensions. A significant level of interest from the community inspired the owners to open a retail coffee shop that has been dedicated to sharing the founder’s passion for the coffee craft and contributed to the growth of the coffee scene in South Florida.

The team at Calusa Coffee Roasters puts their heart into highlighting the unique characteristics of each coffee, teaching customers what each flavor means, as well as getting them into the process of how to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home. “We love sharing our passion with coffee aficionados as well as with those that just want a great cup of coffee,” Luis Arteaga said.

The company does not only focus on delivering great coffee to its customers but also on building a community of coffee lovers and enthusiasts. More than anything else, Calusa Coffee Roasters partners with small local businesses in all its activities as it hopes to build a thriving community of passionate businesses serving customers who are loyal to the brands.

Calusa Coffee Roasters came to life from Luis Arteaga’s lifelong love for a cup of joe. He began drinking coffee at a very early age and decided to turn that love into a passion. “I have been drinking coffee my whole life and wanted something that I didn’t have to mask with lots of sugar. I couldn’t find that in this area, so I made my own,” Luis revealed. Combining that love with his passion for business birthed this promising brand with its extensive range of product lines that include not only coffee but also coffee-based merchandise items.

With the traction that Calusa Coffee Roasters has gained thus far since it began its operations, it has significantly changed how people drink coffee. And with a founder as dedicated and committed as Luis Arteaga, the brand’s future looks promising. The goal for the next few years is to have the coffee in distribution to coffee shops nationwide and on shelves of major department stores all over the country.

“I see the coffee being distributed to coffee shops nationwide. So everyone can enjoy how coffee is meant to taste. I want people to know that good coffee exists. You don’t have to settle for instant or an overpriced burnt coffee that you have to mask with loads of sugar,” Luis said.

The founder’s goals for the company are clear, and its current operations are geared toward making those goals come to life. Taking coffee roasts to another level and delivering them to people who appreciate them are Calusa Coffee Roasters’ primary goals. The founder hopes to keep operating at this level and even expand to other parts of the country.

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