April 15, 2024
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Cann-Ade®: The Healthiest and Most Socially Responsible Hemp-Infused Beverage

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Benjamin Mogul, the founder and CEO of Cann-Ade® Company and a former collegiate football player, developed an interest in learning more about the human brain, body, agriculture, and integrative health practices when he turned to hemp for relief from post-concussion syndrome. He became interested in hemp’s health benefits and innate healing properties after seeing how it benefited his health. So, after seeing the desire for a premium, practical, nourishing hemp product, he set out to create the healthiest product imaginable and succeeded in creating Cann-Ade®. Benjamin Mogul has worked in mental health for eleven years and has expertise working with notable civilian, active-duty military, and veteran populations.

The Cann-Ade® Company is dedicated to providing the most extraordinary hemp-infused beverages to people who value a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The business is committed to using organic and USA-sourced products, broad-spectrum hemp, eco-friendly packaging, and other strategies to enhance the health and well-being of its customers, the environment, and society. Cann-Ade® is a low-calorie beverage that is also vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher and contains 20 mg of organic, naturally adaptogenic cannabis in a variety of delicious flavors inspired by its fruity component. Also, it has triple-filtered pure water for intense hydration keeping your body processes lubricated.

By emphasizing the importance of offering a product that is not only nutritional but also socially responsible, Cann-Ade® sets itself apart from its rivals.

They aim to provide a beneficial and morally upright product into the hemp-infused beverage market. They are also committed to helping philanthropic organizations like  AMVETS.

The firm’s dedication to quality, dependability, and customer happiness, which pleases founder and CEO Benjamin Mogul, has boosted demand for their Cann-Ade® products and continued repeat business.

Cann-Ade® has always sought to be the market leader in terms of value, consistency, and customer experience, he stated. He believes they are on track to do this because they have a clear path to profitability that begins with the appropriate unit economics and lean operating culture.

He consistently generates the highest grade results and has successfully led teams and activities that need tact. Mr. Mogul is well known for his ability to carry out plans, desire to work hard, adaptability, creativity, and never-ending thirst for knowledge. He is highly respected as a health specialist and vigorously defends traditional values.

Mr. Mogul has experience managing growing operations, creating intellectual property, and working in operations for a leading publicly traded medical marijuana company. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree. As the company’s founder, Mr. Mogul is passionate about his products and their value to the market. In addition, he is unwavering in his belief that using products like Cann-Ade® will make all of us healthier and happier people.

Senior strategic management specialists lead his team with a proven track record of reliability and success and workers who have frequently left Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

The group consists of the Director of Operations: Darren Rodgers; Global Sales Director: Robert J. Corsaro; General Counsel: Evan Costaldo; Advisory Board Chair: Brian Wieber; Advisory Board: Robert Leitner; Advisory Board: Linnet Carty; Advisory Board: Marie Meliksetian.

Cann-Ade® is currently raising funds through a crowdfunding raise, and interested investors can find out more by visiting the StartEngine  on their website. Cann-Ade® is a brand you should research if you’re a CBD consumer seeking for a drink that’s sustainable and healthful because it contains hemp. You can also follow their social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

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