ChiChi the Eternal: A Trendsetter Dominating the Hip Hop and Rap Landscape

Music is the lifeblood of the human soul—each crafted piece conveys stories and histories of those that have lived, past and present. An avowed witness to the historical events chronicled in stories and music since the dawn of time, ChiChi the Eternal is making it his mission to dominate the hip-hop industry with quality rap music.

ChiChi the Eternal has spent the last two decades of his life in the small but violent city of Richmond, Virginia, where he immersed himself in the city’s culture and history. His rich understanding of the city, its culture and its people combined with his scholarly background and street knowledge has shaped him into a musical force to be reckoned with.

Although, now creating a wave as a rap artist redefining the music scene, ChiChi the Eternal was formerly known as ChiChi the Kid who for years was stuck in a musical rat race with no significant success until one day he had an awakening. “A vessel awakened in me that was hibernating for a thousand years,” he explained. This spectacular event roused a visionary within him intent on saving the future of rap music, and he became known as ChiChi the Eternal.

Viewing the world through a new lens as The Eternal, an ancient figure born in 1040 A.D, ChiChi draws inspiration from several great artists across time, from the timeless plays put together by William Shakespeare, the unequal talent of Michael Jackson, the literary genius of Beethoven, the fluid lyricism of  Tupac Shakur and  Lil Wayne, and game-changers such as Thomas Tallis, Kurt Cobain, and many more.

Brimming with fresh ideas, ChiChi the Eternal weaves his years of experience into distinct rap tales and verses that are sure to entice the casual listener’s ear. His determination to uphold the legacy left behind by the great performers and his late father, Emmanuel Amobi, propels him to tremendous success.

With centuries of musical knowledge combined with close studies of great artists and how they achieve such acclaim, ChiChi has created a distinct sound that is instantly recognizable even when blended with autotune melodies rampant in rap’s current landscape today. On a mission to save the rap industry from any corrupt titans that aim to destroy it, ChiChi uplifts artists he collaborates with, such as Heirborne Spacesuit and Relly The Emcee.

Recognizing music as a universal language, ChiChi the Eternal has connected with a large number of people. He shares his passion for music with individuals, young or old, whose life has been positively affected somehow from their adoration of hip-hop or rap music. 

His chart-topping songs include, Apart of Life, Don’t Call, Stretch, Till the Death of Me, YTN, and Don’t Dance For Free. His recently released music video, Choppa or Better, is making the wave a revolutionary piece set to redefine the landscape of rap videos forever.

To learn more about ChiChi the Eternal and his unique rap flows, visit his official website.


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