April 16, 2024
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Colombian Culinary Maestro Chef Juanma Debuts New El Cielo Location at SLS South Beach

Chef Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia, the culinary prodigy familiarly known as Chef Juanma, who gave Miami its inaugural Michelin star, is broadening his gastronomic canvas with a fresh establishment at the illustrious SLS South Beach. Originating from Bogota, Colombia, Juanma’s culinary tapestry began unraveling during sun-soaked summers at his grandfather’s coffee plantation. Here, amidst coffee aromas and exotic fruits, a young Juanma found his calling.

By the sprightly age of 23, the culinary wunderkind inaugurated El Cielo in Medellín, Colombia, a testament to his mission of elevating Colombian gastronomy. Such dedication saw him clinching spots on Latin America’s 50 Best lists thrice, all by the time most chefs were just finding their rhythm. In 2016, The World’s Best Chef roster welcomed him, a fitting salute to his culinary prowess.

His American journey began in 2015, bringing El Cielo‘s magic to Miami. In 2020, the nation’s capital beckoned, and Chef Juanma responded, clinching a Michelin star for his D.C. outpost. A year later, both his D.C. and Miami ventures were bestowed Michelin honors. Fast forward to 2023, the Michelin accolade still shines bright at his original Miami eatery.

Colombian Culinary Maestro Chef Juanma Debuts New El Cielo Location at SLS South Beach

This summer, Miami’s elite culinary circle is abuzz with anticipation for Chef Juanma’s latest offering at SLS South Beach. While his Brickell establishment whispers an intimate dining tale, the SLS outpost promises an exuberant culinary celebration.

“The El Cielo ethos at SLS South Beach will embrace our Colombian spirit—vibrant, warm, and endlessly inviting. Every dish, every ambiance will echo this joyous energy,” shares Chef Juanma.

While patrons have long adored the ever-evolving tasting menu at El Cielo Miami, the SLS location promises a more nostalgic feast. “Our timeless favorites? They’ll all be on the SLS menu,” an animated Chef Juanma divulges.

From the Truffle Buñuelos kissed by Hudson Valley Foie Gras to the tantalizingly tangy Lulo ceviche, each plate promises a sensory carnival. And the finale? The quintessential Colombian pastry, Meregon, with a spirited Aguardiente twist.

The El Cielo bar, too, narrates a Colombian cocktail tale. Noteworthy is the Chimberito—a symphony of Aguardiente, achaça, and yuzu, rimmed with smoky mezcal salt, mirroring Miami’s perennial summer.

Colombian Culinary Maestro Chef Juanma Debuts New El Cielo Location at SLS South Beach

For Simon Sopresi, SLS South Beach Area Vice President, the collaboration embodies the zenith of culinary finesse. “El Cielo captures the culinary aspirations of SLS South Beach. Together, we’re poised to craft unparalleled dining odysseys,” Sopresi remarks.

Situated just steps away from the sparkling Atlantic, the SLS South Beach’s pristine location provides the perfect backdrop for Chef Juanma’s culinary masterpieces. Its strategic position juxtaposes the serenity of the ocean with the energy of Miami’s bustling nightlife, setting the stage for a dining experience that’s both tranquil and exhilarating. The venue’s design aesthetics, inspired by the contemporary and the traditional, will compliment El Cielo’s culinary philosophy—where ancestral Colombian recipes meet avant-garde presentations. 

As Miami gears up for more sun-drenched days, its culinary horizon gleams brighter with Chef Juanma’s El Cielo at SLS South Beach on the horizon. Prepare for a Colombian culinary saga interwoven with Miami’s pulsating heartbeats. Mark your calendars and embrace the genius of a Michelin-starred maestro.

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