Cooli Highh Inspires Generations with His Album GoodVibeCorp

Writing a song that conveys a message and a story to tell is complicated enough as it is, let alone an entire album. However, Cooli Highh’s latest album, GoodVibeCorp, delivers excellence through the combination of vibing music, a touch of R&B and hip-hop fusion, and relatable true-to-life events. In a group of nine songs fused into one album, the artist reflects on being on vacation, his struggles with overcoming challenges, and learning to find a reason to continue embarking.

His life journey shared in most of his songs is sparking people’s attention. Besides the elements of soulful and rhythmic patterns, Cooli Highh made sure to incorporate a story that is relevant to everyone’s life and present themes in GoodVibeCorp. From the album title itself, one envisions a playlist that thrills, empowers, and excites. 

Without a doubt, GoodVibeCorp ensures a good time, making it one of the most arresting works of art done by Cooli Highh. Additionally, this album illuminates, as it is a reflection of the artist’s pure music dream full of clashing styles and melodies. With the choice of order, the album is sure to cater to all the needs to cure any music woes. 

With an attitude to persevere and a passion for creating a platform for growth, Cooli Highh is continuously building one of the most remarkable music catalogs in the industry. Reigning for San Diego, California, and raised partially in Arkansas, he has worked with multiple artists. For example, he has released collaborations with 21 Savage, Young Dolph, Big K.R.I.T, Project Pat, Devin the Dude, Rockie Fresh, Maino, Smoke Dza, and the like. Now, he is becoming one of the fastest successors in his area. 

But behind the composition of each of his songs is a story as compelling as Cooli Highh’s GoodVibeCorp album. At the age of three, the artist was traumatized after being kidnapped, burned alive, and almost reaching the bridge to the afterlife. Still, nothing has or will ever stop him from building the brand and a name for himself. Thus, he used his experience as a drive to be the musician he is at present. His firsthand experiences with trials and hardships separate him from most of the artists in the scene. 

Above all, Cooli Highh’s versatility is what attracts most of his listeners. His music is an epitome of the importance of believing in oneself with a message that “If you just keep working and pushing for greatness, you can achieve your wildest dreams.”

Although Cooli Highh has not yet picked a major label to sign with, he continues to work with the artist he genuinely loves and knows by heart. He is currently working on a project with Rockie Fresh coming out this year and is looking forward to releasing his Trap Tape 1&2 series. 

From his earliest single to the latest GoodVibeCorp, Cooli Highh’s music possesses an electric pull. More and more people are being held captive to be inspired in achieving greatness in its complexity and the artist’s vulnerability. 

Learn more about Cooli High’s GoodVibeCorp by visiting his Spotify album.


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