April 16, 2024
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Cornell Bunting Highlights Adversity as a Staple of Life through His New Book Escaping the Darkness: Using Adversity to Find Purpose

Life is a myriad of occurrences, sometimes positive and sometimes the other way round. Often, things happen beyond human control regardless of status or life circumstances, and they’re mostly adverse occurrences. Cornell Windel Bunting, having experienced the adversities of life himself, decided to document salient truths about adversity and using it to find purpose in his new book, Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose.

Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose is the sequel to the book, Escaping a Life Sentence, which Cornell wrote when he was freed from prison after getting wrongfully locked up. Cornell Bunting approaches the subject of adversity as something everyone can pick up their lives from and find their purpose. “When adversity comes to a person without purpose, life seems pointless. When adversity comes to the person with purpose, life takes on special meaning. Purpose reframes adversity,” Cornell said.

Cornell’s goal with this sequel is to show the world how he has taken charge of his life and purpose since he got released from being wrongly locked up. Cornell Buntin describes the darkness he experienced and the light that shone through to help him walk out of jail as a free man and free his spirit too. The book is a blend of real-life experiences veered towards discovering his life purpose of telling stories, writing books and being a living proof that losing everything is not the end of life. “I’m here to tell the world that losing everything can help a person find out who they are and what they are meant to do,” he said.

Cornell Buntin has devoted himself to offering hope to people facing challenges beyond human power and showing the way of faith and hope to those willing to rely on a greater power than anything on earth. He invites everyone to get on this journey with him, and that’s why he wants his book to reach as many people as possible to help them find inner peace and power to overcome all the adversity they may be facing.

The book and all that it entails reiterates how adversity can be overwhelming for anyone and the ripple effects it can have. The book points out the things adversity can do, which include illuminating priorities, teaching perseverance, uncovering purpose, clearing out complacency, training the soul, leading to ascension, conquering fear, creating a new path, clarifying vision, strengthening foundation and reinventing a whole life.

Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose is a book targeted towards young adults and anyone facing adversity. As Cornell Buntin tries to help people improve their lives, he hopes to become a well-known writer. He sees himself becoming a best-selling author and top motivational speaker in five years while showing everyone how to turn adversity in their favor and use it to find their purpose.

Learn more about Cornell Bunting and more details about the book on his official website.

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