Creative and CEO Kick5000 Kicks Off the New Wave With Goonsville Entertainment, LLC

It has been a while since the good news outweighed the bad. Along with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, political issues and strains plague the world today. In this time of distraught and depression, individuals turn to art. This is where music artist and entrepreneur Kick5000 steps into the picture. 

A passionate creative determined to form bonds and communities across oceans, Kick5000 is a budding rapper steadily captivating a global fanbase. Carrying themes of authenticity and optimism laid out through storytelling prowess, the artist is a rising name in the industry – both a talent and an executive.

However, before reaching the rung he’s on now, Kick5000 was far from the top of the ladder. Although now considered a resource for magnetic entertainment, the entrepreneur was not always the hard-hitting character he is known for today. Born in 1983 in the Bronx, New York City, as Jamaal Jackson, Kick5000 did not live a charmed life.

Danger, art, and family heavily decorated his initial environment and, later, his family migrated down to Miami, Florida. As if that would have changed anything. Following the move, Kick5000 became the protagonist of several harrowing experiences.

At only two years old, his father passed away. Then, when he was 13, his older brother was handed down a life sentence – leaving Kick5000 to stand as the male influence of his younger siblings. With all that had happened, the artist thought that the series of heartbreaks would end.

Fate had different plans. Two years after his brother was imprisoned, Kick5000’s mother took her last breath. Without parents or relatives close by, and a few years behind the legal age, Kick5000 had no choice but to let the State take custody of him and his siblings.

The experience significantly shaped him and moved him to seek reprieve in art. That was how he discovered music. Finding an outlet in sound, Kick5000 found himself in awe of its impact on him and discovered a dream to share the life-changing effect to the world.

That was how Kick5000, along with four of his friends, launched Goonsville Entertainment, LLC. An indie label home to raw music born from seamless storytelling, lyricism, and innovative fashion, Goonsville Entertainment brings forth a new wave of sound geared towards encouraging individuals toward their dreams and raising the industry’s artistic standard. 

Outside of his love for fashion and music, Kick5000 shares that the other pillars of his company are his drive to succeed and his success story. “I enjoy a doable challenge – the art of getting a contract.”

He added, “I came from a family that has stories to tell. My life was a story. It’s a crazy one. But, to have the willpower to push through these obstacles is amazing.” Through his growing discography, Kick5000 hopes to inspire the same tenacity and strength within his audience. 

Kick5000 recently released his album, and his track “Offer” is available on all streaming sites and Goonsville Entertainment, LLC. While “Offer” continues to surf the airwaves, Kick5000 is working on expanding his catalog – perfecting projects intended to release people from the stresses and depressing news today. 

“Turn on Kick5000 and get lost in my catalog,” he encourages. “There is something there for all.”

Listen to Kick5000’s diverse discography and be lost in the haven of his sound. Learn more about the CEO and musician on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or his official website.


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