Dental Implants in the Miami Area

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Expertise Matters When Getting Dental Implants
Oral health professionals agree dental implants are an excellent option for teeth restoration that comes with several other benefits beyond the way their permanent design allows them to look, feel and function more like natural teeth and the improvements they provide to your oral health. For instance, quality of life goes up through regaining the ability to eat all your favorite foods again, implants are also better for bone health, and they can give you back a confident smile. The creation of the dental implant absolutely provided a new and innovative treatment to replace and restore teeth in a better way.

The process, however, for this new and innovative treatment did not seem, initially, to adapt to a better way. Dental implants require multiple dental health professionals and specialized labs and equipment, which meant that many residents seeking dental implants in Miami would be responsible for coordinating several appointments at separate locations with these multiple dental health professionals, and then were left to manage the many different medical bills along the way. While the end results of the dental implants themselves remained exceptionally positive, the process was complicated and time-consuming, and that kept a lot of people from even getting dental implants. 

ClearChoice Dental Implant Center knew in order to make the benefits of dental implants available to as many people as possible, they needed to create a better process, and so that’s what they did. The ClearChoice inclusive approach was as new and innovative of a process as dental implants were as a teeth restoration treatment. Through one team, one location, and one cost, the ClearChoice inclusive process provides everything required for high-quality dental implants and makes it available on-site at one location. Equipment, laboratories, prosthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, every item, all the technology, and each of the team members is present and dedicated to your customized treatment plan. 

You begin the process by scheduling a free consultation at the ClearChoice center, where you meet your dental implant team, and they work together to create your personalized treatment plan. You’ll be presented with your plan, as well as receive the total cost, all upfront, at that free consultation appointment. From there, you’ll schedule when you’d like to come back for your implant procedure, which is an outpatient appointment allowing you to leave with new teeth the same day. 

Where to Find Your Miami Area ClearChoice Dental Implant Center
Their all-in-one process has made dental implants a possibility for over 125,000 Americans who they’ve treated at the over 90 ClearChoice Dental Implant Center locations throughout the U.S., two of which are located right here in the Miami area. Discover which is most convenient for you:

Providing dental implants in Ft. Lauderdale, as well as to surrounding residents in Pompano Beach, Oakland Park, Sunrise, Plantation, Broadview Park, Sea Ranch Lakes, Wilton Manners, and beyond, the ClearChoice Fort Lauderdale dental implant center is a convenient greater-Miami-area option for dental implants.

You’ll enjoy working with their experienced and highly skilled Ft. Lauderdale dental implants team, which includes such key members as their three prosthodontists: Dr. Juan AlbertoDr. Adriana Backer, and Dr. Carlos Villanueva, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Peter Cudjoe. This ClearChoice team is truly exceptional; not only do they represent impressive dental implant skill and expertise, but beyond a team of doctors, this is a team made up of a community volunteer, a bilingual humanitarian, a former university professor, and a US combat war veteran. Click here and schedule your free consultation and discover firsthand the benefits of their all-inclusive ClearChoice process for dental implants in Ft. Lauderdale!

The ClearChoice Aventura Center offers another convenient choice for getting dental implants in Miami and nearby areas, providing dental implants in Aventura, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Dania Beach, Hallandale Beach, Miami Gardens, North Miami, Hialeah, Miami Beach, and beyond.

Prosthodontists Dr. Diana Cuesta and Dr. Juan Alberto, along with oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Jennifer Woerner, are excellent and accomplished doctors in their field. Their expertise and relational approach set the tone for a friendly and trusting atmosphere. Click here to schedule your free consultation with them and the rest of their friendly and professional team at ClearChoice Aventura.

One Choice: ClearChoice
Discover why the ClearChoice inclusive process is a better way to experience all the benefits dental implants have to offer by scheduling your free consultation for ClearChoice dental implants in Miami today!


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