Discover the Luxury of Personalized Skincare at Skin&Tonic

Discover the Luxury of Personalized Skincare at Skin&Tonic
Photo Credited to: Skin&Tonic

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Skin&Tonic is a premier boutique skincare studio renowned for its exceptional service, personalized treatments, and the incorporation of the luxury skincare brand Biologique Recherche.

The conception of Skin&Tonic traces back to 1998 when two ambitious estheticians, Lori and Robin, united over a shared dream for superior skincare. Their relentless dedication and hard work transformed this passion into a thriving business venture by 2005, establishing a remarkable reputation across the region. Today, Robin, who incidentally was among the first 100 people in North Carolina to be officially recognized as an esthetician, heads the creative aspect of Skin&Tonic while continuing to serve the loyal clientele who have faithfully followed her illustrious career since the 1990s.

At Skin&Tonic, facilitation of self-care and beauty is understood to require an extensive range of services, provided alongside expert advice on suitable treatments and products. Their main offerings encompass facial spas in Raleigh and Dermasweep, while additional services include waxing and tinting. The ‘Estheticians Choice’ facial encourages newcomers to relax and leave it to the professionals to determine the most beneficial treatment for their skin, creating a serene background for the introduction to the luxury of a Biologique Recherche facial.

Skin&Tonic’s facials address common skin problems such as aging, acne, and dull skin. Besides these routine issues, custom treatments for specific skin types are provided. Facials, like the ‘Brightening Facial,’ designed to battle hyperpigmentation, underscore the level of personalization Skin&Tonic offers. Given the studio’s versatility, it is unsurprising that it has emerged as a one-stop shop for high-end brands, including Biologique Recherche, Suntegrity, and Dermaware, among others.

The crown jewel of Skin&Tonic, though, is the work with their luxury skincare brand Biologique Recherche in Raleigh, NC. Considered the “official skincare for Forbes Travel,” Biologique Recherche’s plant-based, fragrance and filler-free products are as luxurious as they’re effective. Incorporation of Biologique Recherche’s products at Skin&Tonic is not random but premised on the common values the two entities share. For instance, Skin&Tonic shares the luxury skincare brand’s staunch commitment to preserve the original structure of active ingredients wherever possible, promoting a concept where skincare health doesn’t need to be compromised for beauty.

An integral part of Skin&Tonic’s facials is the use of boosters and serums from Biologique Recherche’s range. These treatments promise both relaxation and skin rejuvenation, aided by the very unique and effective lymphatic drainage and sculpting techniques deployed by Skin&Tonic estheticians. Ensuring the active participation of their clients in their skincare journey, Skin&Tonic also extends a tailored home care plan to help maintain the glow and vitality achieved during the facials.

Offering a luxurious point of entry for those new to the skincare journey or well versed in the art of self-care, Skin&Tonic is a must-visit sanctuary. Alongside the expansive range of offerings and quality treatment, they’re currently offering a free virtual consultation, which is a testament to their commitment to convenience and accessibility.

To sum up, Raleigh’s Skin&Tonic stands as an exemplary skincare studio with its sophisticated environment, exquisite facials, and distinct focus on individual needs. Backed by a highly experienced team of estheticians and coupled with the assurance of using the best in the skincare market like the esteemed Biologique Recherche, their commitment to redefining skin wellness is both dynamic and exciting. To stay updated, don’t forget to follow Skin&Tonic’s Instagram handle @skinandtonicgirls or visit their website for detailed information. Escape the ordinary skincare regime, delve into the world of luxury, and awaken your skin to a new world of possibilities with Skin&Tonic.


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