DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr Shares Music Journey and Aims to Inspire Others With Visions of Truth

Music artists have varying reasons why they pursue a particular path. But to a star; artist and entrepreneur DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr, it’s most important to stay authentic whilst on the course and not lose track of what truly matters. Jerzy Roginski Jr has overcome many trials and tribulations to get to where he is today. With the knowledge he acquired from his personal experiences, Jerzy Roginski Jr is helping others hone their craft as well and reach their maximum potential.

DJ Jerzy was born in Chicago, Illinois, and comes from a Polish background. “Life wasn’t always easy back then, but as a family, we did what we could with what we had,” states Jerzy Roginski Jr. “People only see the end result, but what they don’t realize is the blood, sweat, and tears that came along with the journey. The sacrifices and hits that I had to take often made me feel like giving up. I would suffer from anxiety and depression juggling school, work, relationships, and my dream. Despite this, I persisted and maintained Dean’s list at Keiser University’s Accelerated nursing BSN program, earned a Masters Degree in Nutrition, as well as 7 certifications in the medical field. This left me totally exhausted, and I honestly felt lost until I returned to my greatest self, and started living from the heart. Living from my heart reunited me with my true self, passion. When I reflected on what really makes me feel most passionate, I  found what pumps my heart to its soul’s most euphoria, music. Music gave me an outlet to release my truest soul, enabling me to express myself through my creations. Music swallowed my mind, heart, and soul opening up the depths of me of which I only found was the best of me. Love.”

“All of life’s adversities lead me to that which was always there. This passion is and will always be to make music and help others,” voices Jerzy Roginski Jr.

Finding the balance between university and his music career was not an easy feat. But DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr knew where he wanted to be with his talent, and persevered to succeed without compromising either his studies or his music. 

He made a name for himself after captivating listeners worldwide, gaining over five million streams on SoundCloud, earning himself a landing spot in the platform’s top 5% of artists globally.

Most recently DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr has signed with Don Diablo’s label Hexagon and Freshsqueeze for the release of his newest hit single “Remember,” coming out on all platforms on May 28th, 2021. 

Jerzy Roginski Jr emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community. “Music is bigger than me; most artists are in it for the fame, the girls, money, and validation. I am not like that; I am an artist that brings people together through my music, earning a living for myself and my family, and whatever funds I have leftover on the side is for the people. I am now blessed to be in an influential position to be able to address world problems we all face, such as poverty, segregation, climate change, and violence,” said DJ Jerzy.

“This is the reason I started making music in the first place, to show others that with heart & will anything is possible, you’re unstoppable. I really want to help others as much as I can from my own experiences. I want to show the world that it is okay to be vulnerable and to bring awareness to the public of worsening global mental health, a topic that is very often overlooked.”

DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr is the co-founder of Parabolic Moves, an artist management company, together with Salo Sion. The duo coaches and mentors aspiring artists by surrounding them with real, genuine people. The company stands by its motto, “Setting Artists Free Eternally,” which drives the whole enterprise to build a family of like-minded and creative individuals. Salo Sion and DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr create a community, not just a business, and it is succeeding every day. 

“Knowing the struggle it took to become successful, we made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to set artists free. Since then, we have built a network of relationships, as well as a team of extremely talented breakthrough artists, and don’t plan on stopping there,” said DJ Jerzy.

Together with Parabolic Moves, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr is currently in the process of producing shows and music festivals. The upcoming projects aim to bring the world something never seen or heard from before in the music industry and in the world.

Jerzy Roginski Jr only wants to spread a good message to his audiences. Anchored in the belief in the goodness of humanity, DJ Jerzy and Parabolic Moves are making a difference in the world by uniting people through music.

Furthermore, as a way of giving back and paying his success forward, DJ Jerzy Roginski Jr published two books centered around the journey on how he overcame physical and mental illnesses. “The first book entitled Subtle Art of Surrender was written to help ease the suffering of others by sharing my vulnerable story. I wanted to make people feel like they were not alone. My legacy, you may call it; my gift to the world,” said the artist.

To learn more about Jerzy Roginski Jr, visit his website, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Be sure to check out this music on Spotify.


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