April 16, 2024
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Dj Sliickk Taking the Music Scene in New Jersey by Storm

It is one thing that the music industry is awash with great songs guaranteed to get people moving; it is another to have an expert who understands how all these songs work together to provide non-stop entertainment. New Jersey is blessed to have talented DJ Sliickk keeping the entertainment buzzing with his skills and ability to deliver certified club anthems.

Popularly known as The Club Plug, DJ Sliickk is one of the biggest names in the New Jersey music scene, with numerous hit records and connections with artists that can deliver hit records. He is known for bringing excitement to any event and raising the roof to keep all the guests entertained till the end of the event.

Born in New Jersey to a father from Antigua and a mother from Dominica, DJ Sliickk became a DJ and music producer about twelve years ago. As a Jersey club regular, he became attuned to club music and began to produce beats similar to the music played in the clubs. This marked the beginning of his musical artistry, which he has grown into a full-fledged brand today.

He has played in virtually all the biggest clubs in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland and many other states in the US. Describing his style, he says, “I am hardly the type to follow trends. I am an out-of-the-box person who does things on a whim. I twist things to my taste in a different direction from how others are doing it.” DJ Sliickk has built a brand known for being different and unique in his approach to being a DJ and an artist. “Many people want to fit into a particular idea or picture of being an entertainer, but that’s not me. I move at my own pace, in my comfort and essence. No one else makes the kind of music I create, which is because I am doing it my way and nobody else’s,” he added.

DJ Sliickk hopes to inspire every young person nursing their dreams and ambitions to stay on course. He has a work ethic guaranteed to propel him to more success, which is all he needs to inspire. “I have spent days and weeks chasing my dreams, and until those dreams happen, I’m never going to relent. Every moment I spend sleeping or slacking, I’m allowing someone else to outwork and overtake me. There’s so much to accomplish to rest now,” he said.

His daily routine entails working in the studio, creating new music and practicing with new materials. Everything about him reflects his past and the things he has been through.

“Success is non-negotiable for me because I have to take care of everything and everyone who ever poured into me, especially my mother. She’s my queen, and I want to make sure she has everything she needs in this world,” he affirmed.

His goals for the next few years are to become one of the most prominent artists in the world, building generational wealth while working with global superstars like Kendrick Lamar, Tory Lanez, Schoolboy Q, etc.Learn more about Dj Sliickk on his official Instagram page.

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