Don Noble, aka DJ Don Nova, and His Rise from Obscurity into a Life of Fulfillment as an Entertainer and Entrepreneur

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Many people are shaped by where they come from, either positively or negatively. Growing up in Queens, New York, where iconic rappers, athletes and celebrities grew up inspired a different mentality in Don Noble, also known as DJ Don Nova, who’s now building a successful life in the entertainment and the business worlds.

Raised by a single mom who exposed him to his earliest music memory, Don Noble is a well-respected DJ charting a different and inspiring course for himself. As a kid from Baisley projects, he recognizes how privileged he is not to have ended up dead or in jail like many others. So, he hopes to use his story and influence to inspire many other young kids, so they tap into their potential early enough to make something meaningful of themselves. 

The growth that Don Noble has enjoyed was born out of sheer determination and a personal promise to himself that he would never live through life lacking anything he truly wants for himself. That promise stemmed from his childhood experience of not having the things other children had and getting mocked for it. “I knew I needed to grow into the man of my dreams who be able to afford the kind of lifestyle I desire, and that’s exactly what I have done for myself,” DJ Nova shared. Having strong family support also contributed to his growth in all the career paths he chose as he went through life. Also, the determination to take care of his single mom and family motivates him to keep working.

As a DJ and music artist, DJ Nova takes pride in his fluidity and versatility as he traverses multiple genres. His goal is to become a big electronic festival DJ. He’s already a heavily booked wedding and events DJ, featuring in numerous wedding magazines and blogs. He has an EP out with more music on the way. Outside entertaining people, he’s also a successful consulting architect with one of the most successful consulting firms in the city.

So far, he already has bookings in eight countries to perform as a DJ this year. In addition, he released his latest single on January 21, and it’s been ramping up streaming numbers across all platforms. With hard work being his most prized quality, DJ Nova sees himself becoming a global name involved in making the world better through his craft, resources and influences. He hopes to get in with charities and non-profit organizations. His family remains the most important, and he says his biggest achievement is seeing his family grow and enjoy the fortune they have been blessed and privileged to have. 

With his success, he hopes every young kid from the ghetto with similar dreams for success gets inspired and focused on their abilities. ” I want to erase all stigmas that are associated with Music. Anyone from any race or belief can make any type of music and excel,” DJ Nova said.


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