Donyay Released His Second Praise-Worthy Single “Swipe” After His Hit Debut

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Donyay is ready to conquer the music scene with his second single, “Swipe,” scheduled for release on July 9. Following the success of his chart-topping first single entitled “Not At All,” the artist is aiming for monumental success for his sophomore release. Bearing the same poetic lyricism and captivating beats, “Swipe” will truly enthrall music lovers across the globe.

Donyay developed a passion for music and the arts at a young age. After committing years to hone his talent and lyrical skills, the artist decided to embark on his solo music career. Today, he is one of the strongest writers, producers, and vocalists in the music industry. Donyay aims for greater heights with his new single, with a good start in his career so far. He wants “Swipe” to pave the way for him to expand his global fanbase and propel his music further.

“Swipe” reflects Donyay’s deep love for poetry. Ever since he was young, the artist has used poetry as a means of self-expression. Eventually, he learned to put melodies into his words, creating music that inspires as profoundly as poems. At 11 years old, the artist recorded his first song. That day marked his decision to pursue music fully. With his unique rhythms and unparalleled lyrical ability, Donyay is indeed an artist that makes music from the heart.

Furthermore, Donyay has and is continuing to collaborate with big-name artists who help him grow in his craft. Being surrounded by such powerhouses allows him to create a deeper relationship with his own music and discover the uniqueness of his sound. Donyay is currently working on his debut album, which is set to be released this year. 

Donyay has continually grounded himself as an Ohio-bred musician. But he isn’t shy about cementing his legacy on the global stage. He has used his music to merge both his worldwide fanbase and the local community. 

As described by his manager Alex Noah, “Donyay is a one-of-a-kind artist, and many would call him a world-class musician.” Noah also added that the artist and his team are aiming to generate as much success for “Swipe” as they did for his debut single, which landed among the Top 200 Charts. “This is just the beginning, and as a team, we’re excited and thrilled for what the future holds,” added Noah. 

Donyay is undeniably talented. People often compare his musical capabilities to the luxuriousness of a Rolls Royce. His music consistently exceeds expectations, recorded in state-of-the-art studios. As an independent artist, Donyay strived to create top-notch sounds despite being without the help of major music labels.

In five years, Donyay envisions himself as a well-rounded artist. He wants to gain respect in the music industry by creating a music catalog that people from all walks of life admire. The artist also aims to win a Grammy award with his music. After releasing his successful single “Not At All,” followed by another masterpiece, “Swipe,” there’s no doubt that Donyay will indeed captivate listeners across the globe. Soon, Donyay will be a household name, and the moniker will resound as an artist to watch.

To learn more about Donyay and “Swipe,” watch the new single on his Youtube Channel.

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