Dragana: Ex-Beauty Queen Floats A Revolutionary Fashion Company

Time and time again, pageantry contests have proven to be more than just a beauty contest or a battle of looks, but many times than we can count, beauty Queens have gone on to become indispensable pillars of their community. Many beauty queens have taken it upon themselves to use their office, crown, newfound fame and clout to give back to society and create initiatives that contribute to their immediate community and specific underserved communities. In the case of Dragana Dujovic, she did not stop at being a one-time Miss Universe of Serbia; she has taken it a step higher by pursuing her entrepreneurial goals and contributing to human development through Dragana Fashion and a host of other initiatives. 

Dragana Dujovic is a fashion designer and model with a solid fan base over her social media platforms. She is currently considered a trendsetter in the Fashion industry. Dujovic is best known for the elegance and perspective she perceives in the upcoming trends, which has helped her stay ahead of every competition. For years she has successfully dominated the fashion industry through her eccentric and illustrious designer brand, Dragana. Dujovic has been instituting benchmarks, alongside affecting the lifestyle of many.

Dujovic recalled the period after she emerged as “Miss Universe” as a definitive moment because she knew she wouldn’t stop there. She knew she needed to pursue her dreams, and therefore in 2012, she relocated to the United States, where she was allowed to further her education and develop her entrepreneurial spirit. To this end, she is a published author of the book “My Journey from Serbia to America” where she detailed her life experiences and story as a means of inspiring the upcoming generations to take the leap of faith and believe in their abilities and efforts regardless of the challenges they face. 

Dragana Dujovic founded Dragana Fashion after extensive research into the creative fashion industry. The brand is responsible for producing simplistic, over-the-top jewelry and fashion accessories while keeping up the exotic standard the brand and its products are known for. Dragana provides its clients with highly recognizable and captivating fashion items worthy enough to inspire the imagination and desire to stand out in any crowd. The designs are audacious, bold and never losing an edge as they operate on a principle of looking forward and thinking big. 

Dujovic is a proponent of bravery, having triumphed through unfavorable circumstances and competitive atmospheres all her life, and according to her, winning pageantry is not an easy task. But, according to her, the principle that guides her operations and moves as a person involves being unique, brave and divine, to she has succeeded in navigating the murky waters of life thanks to these principles and is now a leading figure in her industry and having previously conquered the pageantry and modeling industry, Dujovic is reaching out to young adults, women and men who desperately seek answers and self-discovery.

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