Dre Mudaris and His Company Children To Wealth Teaches Financial Literacy for Kids

Many people work towards financial freedom and stability. Achieving this goal means that they can live to the fullest without worrying too much about money matters. Financial stability can be attained by making intelligent decisions. Still, it can be a challenging goal to navigate when individuals are not equipped with the financial knowledge and skills they need. Businessman and author Dre Mudaris believes that the key to this issue is teaching financial literacy to children. In teaching them valuable life lessons at an early age, they grow up to become empowered adults who make informed decisions about their finances.

Dre Mudaris is a businessman, an active real estate investor, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and financial literacy activist. He has a thriving career in real estate, and his wealth stems from real estate investments and development ventures, as well as property management ventures in his home states of New Jersey and Atlanta. The years he devoted to this industry have taught him skills and given him an insight into the thought process that goes into making big financial decisions towards future security.

Noticing how most schools do not have the capacity to teach children essential financial concepts, Dre Mudaris sought to fill that gap in the system. This real estate entrepreneur created an education company called Children To Wealth, providing personal finance and business education for young children. 

Children To Wealth is a company that aims to equip children with the financial knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. While most of their programs are made to teach children, young adults and parents can also learn and deepen their understanding of various financial concepts and ventures. This company’s programs teach children through culturally relevant books, games, and educational shows, including the history of money, taxes, savings accounts, investing, and life insurance. 

Children To Wealth uses innovative techniques and age-appropriate educational content to develop practical skills that empower students to make well-informed choices. The knowledge that children learn from these programs gives them an early advantage in life. For example, the more conscious they are about spending their money, the less likely they are to make financial mistakes as they transition into adulthood.

Dre Mudaris is passionate about increasing financial literacy in today’s youth. To help children and their parents, he has written over thirty books on various financial concepts. This series of books presents topics in a digestible way, making it easy for families to teach children how to be responsible with their money. Dre shared, “These books feature children as characters learning about finances as well, so kids at home or school can learn along with them. It’s important to me that children resonate with the characters in my books because that is a sure way for the lessons to sink in.”

Dre Mudaris created Children To Wealth and its various programs, books, quizzes, and audiovisual materials to help build a generation of financially responsible and empowered youth. Dre explained, “The skills they learn in my programs and books will set them up for life and prepare them for their futures.”

Dre Mudaris is the founder of Children To Wealth and author of The Uncle Dre Club series of children’s financial education books. To learn more about his work, you may visit this website.


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