April 16, 2024
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Edwin Carrion, Teaching His Business Strategies and Helping Budding Entrepreneurs Achieve Financial Freedom

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Image Commercially Licensed

Edwin Carrion has toed a path less traveled to earn success in the real estate industry. He’s a multi-business owner with landmark success and an impeccable track record of building businesses from zero into eight-figure businesses. The United States marine is a well-known figure who has built multiple successful businesses.

Twenty years ago, his first company, E&D Development, started operations right after his military career in the United States Marines ended. The company achieved notable success by developing and selling over $30 million worth of properties in the United States. Despite the real estate meltdown, the astute businessman found a way to rise and founded Countrywide Gold Buyers, developed a franchise concept, and sold the company in 2014. Other companies he established include Eco-Modern Custom Homes, whose portfolio of projects grew to over $10 million, and MDC Transport, which he grew from $2 million in revenue to over $12 million in just two years.

Edwin Carrion is an expert in managing the operations of startups with his experience spanning different skill sets like financial services, capital financing, strategic negotiation with client and vendor partners, marketing services, etc. He has served in different roles and positions across all his companies ranging from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Financial Officer, President and Vice President. For two decades, he exhibited a high level of excellence that many budding entrepreneurs hope to learn from and emulate in their businesses. He also does not operate solely on experience. He has garnered all the important education and certifications to make him an authority in the business field. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Construction Management from Florida International University (FIU) alongside his state licenses such as his Certified General Contractor license, Mortgage Broker license, and Property and Casualty license, all from the State of Florida.

The forty-three-year-old entrepreneur has now decided to pay it forward by sharing his business strategies with other entrepreneurs to guide them on their journeys. He motivates and inspires people to pursue paths that can help them achieve financial freedom.

“I want to connect with as many entrepreneurs as possible and people who want another chance at fixing their finances. Financial freedom is not a myth, and I am committed to showing people that it is possible,” he said.

His mentorship program walks the entire journey with the participants by providing them with funding to bring their ideas to life.

“I believe what I teach is real, and if you apply them to your business, there is no option of failure. I transform lives,” he said.

In the next few years, he sees himself traveling worldwide, delivering speeches and motivating thousands of individuals who want to learn more about running profitable businesses and improving their financial situation.

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