Elevating Homes with Massey Roofing Services

Massey Roofing Services
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Massey Roofing Services, established by Chase Massey in 2017, has been redefining the roofing experience in Florida. Together with his business partner, Zachary Buchanan, they strive to make the process efficient, hassle-free, and cost-effective for Floridians.

Ever heard the roof joke? No? That’s alright; it must have soared right past you.

In Florida, where the importance of a sturdy roof is vital due to the stormy weather, most residents would have already heard this joke. If not, it’s likely because they’re familiar with Massey Roofing Services – a company that doesn’t joke around when it comes to quality roofing.

With a reputation for exceptional customer service, professionalism, and speedy delivery, Massey Roofing Services has become a household name in Florida, catering to both residential and commercial roofing requirements.

Massey Roofing Services is a company that’s serious about roofs, and has made an impressive name for itself across Florida. Known by their customers for their courteous, professional and speedy service, Massey Roofing Services specializes in both residential and commercial roofing needs.

“We have a lot of knowledge and time invested in what we’re doing over here,” Massey tells us, who founded the company in 2017. He is a third generation business owner, and shares his passion for the industry stems from growing up around his great grandfather who owned a construction company in Tennessee. 

“I’ve always been around it,” he adds. “When I got to the age where I really needed to sink my teeth into something and figure out what I was going to do with my life, I just went full throttle towards roofing and got my license.”

In 2021, Massey welcomed Zachary Buchanan as co-founder, and the two have since played a crucial role in expanding Florida’s roofing sector. Massey Roofing Services now has branches in Orange Park and Englewood, serving numerous communities throughout the state.

Massey and Buchanan have known each other since childhood, attending the same schools and playing junior high football together. Buchanan eventually joined the military at 17, first as a cook and later as an engineer for the special forces. His deployment to Afghanistan taught him valuable lessons about work ethic, which he now applies to his work at Massey Roofing Services.

At the age of 17, Buchanan graduated early and joined the military as a cook, and later became an engineer for the special forces. “Afghanistan was my most notable deployment,” he tells us. “It taught me a lot about work ethic, and how much easier it is over here than it is over there.”

Buchanan continues, “there was no option to sleep or relax, or do any of that. But if it wasn’t for that part of my life, I wouldn’t appreciate everything that I have now, and I wouldn’t put forth as much effort as I do,” he adds.

Massey Roofing Services
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The duo is grateful for their team of hardworking and dedicated employees, who go above and beyond to make their jobs easier.

“We have a team that never sleeps,” Buchanan says. “Whenever we have an issue come up and I submit it to our group chat, I instantly have four or five volunteers that will say, ‘hey, I’ll handle it, I’ll take care of it for you.’ We’re always going, we’re always on the ball. Weekends, nights, I’ve had leaks come in at 10 or 11 o’clock at night, and we’re out there getting it resolved for the homeowner.”

When Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc across the state in 2022, Massey tells us that their employees volunteered to go out of their way and help homeowners in need, despite the concerns for their own safety.

“Whether somebody had insurance or not, we felt everybody needed that security,” Buchanan continues. “The amount of damage that the hurricane and rain caused to the interior of people’s homes was devastating. It just destroyed people’s belongings, and we wanted to help as much as we possibly could.”

The team at Massey Roofing Services worked 12 hours every day for a whole month, doing everything they could to ensure people’s roofs were secure throughout the deadly storm.  

“Zach and I are very appreciative of everyone’s hard work and time,” Massey acknowledges. Together he and Buchanan manage a team of over 150 employees, across two locations, offering roof inspections, maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation for both residential and commercial roofs, along with a 24 hour turnaround to best assist Floridian’s with whatever roofing needs they have.

“You can turn a $100 fix into thousands and thousands of dollars if you don’t have that quick turnaround,” Massey says. “Even a small hole can turn it into a massive leak, so it’s very important for us to prioritize our customers’ needs in the way that we do,” he concludes.

If you would like to learn more about Massey Roofing, or have them conduct a free inspection of your roof in Florida, be sure to visit their website today. 


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