April 21, 2024
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Esoteric Collection Building More Opportunities for Promising Artists

In a time where the art scene can get more political and artists to win and lose opportunities based on who they know, one art collector, entrepreneur, and creative looks to level the playing field and uplift those that deserve more credit and recognition. That someone is Aaron Von Ossko, the founder and owner of Esoteric Collection. 

Aaron is a perfect mix of two seemingly opposite worlds— the world of entrepreneurship and fine arts. For as long as we’ve known it, the “starving artist” stereotype has become too much of a norm. Through the Esoteric Collection, Aaron hopes to change that by networking buyers and artists, helping the two sides of the equilibrium collide into one vibrant community of people who seek win-win situations. 

Growing up, Aaron Von Ossko didn’t have the most encouraging environment. His father was often abusive and unsupportive of his desire to go into the arts. Aaron would ultimately be forced to get into the family business and help at the car dealership his father owned. But when the time came that the artist in him started screaming “enough,” Aaron abandoned that journey and formed a path of his own. 

Apart from being highly artistic and having an eye for great art, Aaron Von Ossko is also a master salesman and entrepreneur who knows how to spot value and opportunities for more significant arbitrage. That rare concoction of entrepreneurial and creative know-how led him to start the Esoteric Collection. This art resource collective aims to support artists from Miami, Florida and other parts of the nation too. Most artists often hit their ceiling because they don’t know how to solidify their brand and presence in the industry. That’s where the Esoteric Collection comes in. The professional art curation and artist branding organization provides artists with PR and media opportunities and career development training to help creatives solidify their authority and recall. 

The collective also embraces what Aaron refers to as the “anti-gallery concept,” a school of thought that rejects the autonomous control that galleries and dealers have over the market and price valuation or artworks. By giving artists fewer worries over how they’re going to sell and market their work, they now have more time to focus their energy on coming up with the next masterpiece without scrambling to find clients. Aaron has spent several years creating a vast network of collectors ready to listen to what recommendations he has for them. The Esoteric Collection has now become synonymous with “great art deals” for clients and collectors everywhere. 

Aaron is highly driven and optimistic in his approach to work and life. He gets involved in every conversation and produces and funds events for artists from Los Angeles to Miami. The art entrepreneur has worked with some of the best artists in the scene, including Retna, Gregory Siff, and King Saladeen to name a few.The founder of the Esoteric Collection hopes that more people would start supporting artists at the grassroots level. “Not every artist will become a gallery star or overnight sensation,” he explains. “But they can certainly make a living.” To learn more about Aaron Von Ossko and the Esoteric Collection, visit them on Instagram.

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