Executive Producers and Founders of ArieCan Productions Providing a Platform for Creatives With Baltimore-Inspired Series

The unique, vibrant and picturesque city of Baltimore, Maryland, is known for many things. Its historic monuments, its diverse and rich cultural heritage, and most of all, the talented individuals who are more than eager to share their artistic flair with the world. Among the city’s most notable individuals are Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, film directors, writers, executive producers, and the innovative minds behind ArieCan Productions.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, ArieCan Productions is a production company founded by Larry Harris and Leonard Martin, two exceptional creatives on a mission to provide the city’s most talented people with a platform to exhibit their artistry. For Larry and Leonard, the idea to establish their company came when they discovered how underdeveloped and underutilized the city’s entertainment industry was. Leonard says, “Baltimore has an amazing wealth of talent and potential. However, we were disappointed at how little recognition there was.”

To change the narrative, Larry and Leonard mapped out a plan to help artists in the community. “We couldn’t get through the doors of anyone else’s projects, so we had to build our own door,” Larry shared. Together, they coined the slogan “It starts with a dream” and brought their vision to life by establishing ArieCan Productions in 2017. Now, four years after first opening its doors,  ArieCan is home to hit shows Chapter 2 “The Web Series”, “Dear Diary & Secrets,” available online and on streaming services. 

Chapter 2 is a series that follows the adventures of one newly single young man Jonathan who has to deal with his mounting life problems and his overbearing mother. Since its first release, the dramedy has accumulated over 330,000 views from the first nine episodes and continues to garner loyal fans worldwide.

Although now a trailblazing success, the pair struggled to get their company running and the series made. Its success in the entertainment industry is a testament to Larry and Leonard’s drive and enthusiasm. “It was a huge adventure,” Larry stated. “We did not know what we were doing when we started, but then we ‘learned-by-doing,’ and it has become a great success.”

As an entertainment company focused on bringing quality and diverse storytelling content to the screens, ArieCan’s target demographic is 18-49-year-old male & females. The company continually strives to bring its audience the best drama, laughs and thrills on-screen while building doors of opportunity for the aspiring artists in the community. 

In the coming years, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin envision ArieCan Productions becoming a household name and becoming a premier powerhouse company in Hollywood. “I see us having multiple #1 shows, winning awards and continuing to give chances to all of the great actors and actresses who were told no based on their looks instead of their talent,” they said.

To learn more about executive producers  Larry Harris and Leonard Martin and their innovative company bringing quality entertainment to the screen, ArieCan Productions, visit the company’s website.


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