April 21, 2024
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Fighting All Monsters: Disrupting the Traditional Systems of Nonprofit Organizations

Hearing a cancer diagnosis is an utterly devastating experience, even more so if the one on its receiving end is a child. Because of this, Milk Tyson created Fighting All Monsters or FAM, a public Miami based charity that aims to help children with cancer and their families. The organization’s primary goal is to lighten the burden these families are carrying by providing them with financial assistance and well-deserved rest and recreational activities.

Founded in 2018, the nonprofit organization has been making waves by employing patient-focused strategies. While there exist several well-meaning institutions with the same mission as Fighting All Monsters, these other charities tend to follow tedious and lengthy processes that make it difficult for the patients to avail of their services. 

Founder Milk Tyson is aware of this reality and wishes to make a difference, so he decided to cut the red tape commonly associated with donations. With Fighting All Monsters, donations are directly given to the beneficiaries whom they fondly call FAMilies. 

This innovative idea allows for transparency on the donations and accessibility to the general public who want to extend their help. Furthermore, no contribution is considered to be too small and is guaranteed to go to FAMilies.

Aside from that, Fighting All Monsters shifts the focus of charity-giving to the most important people to the organization—the FAMilies. Instead of having galas and balls for wealthy donors, the group organizes these events to be attended by FAMilies themselves.

In their most recent event, they flew 60 moms from 30 states to Islamorada, Florida, for free for the ultimate pampering experience. The flights were covered in full by South Florida based – United Recovery Project. The participants were housed in six Waterfront mansions provided by Sean Mermelli and Keys Ocean Views and were served by private chefs for all catered meals. Amenities such as 24-hour beach massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and waxing were also available. 

They are also planning a dads’ retreat and are looking for sponsors who would be willing to help give these impressive fathers a relaxing day on a cruise.

Through these fun activities, the Fighting All Monsters aims to relieve the stress and pressure that these individuals are feeling, effectively giving these FAMilies a fighting chance against the big C.

The nonprofit organization gained more traction and increased its momentum back in 2020 when hip-hop icon Diddy took 12 kids and talked about FAM on The Ellen Show. The company was already gearing up for its grand opening at the time, but the pandemic hit, and they had to regroup.

Despite the setback, the fantastic team behind this noble cause persevered and even managed to break their own records by continuing to raise and distribute funds while creating meaningful experiences and connections for the FAMilies.

Through forward-thinking, innovation, genuine care, and an overall holistic approach, Fighting All Monsters has effectively disrupted the charity scene and has blazed the trail for other organizations who also wish to help join the fight against cancer.

In the future, Milk Tyson and the rest of FAM sees the organization as the global charity leader for children with cancer.

Learn more about Fighting All Monsters and its worthy advocacy by visiting their official website.

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